Why You Should Shop at a Car Boot Sale This Summer!

why you should shop at carboot sales north somerset bristol spring open times

Why Shop at Car Boot Sales This Summer?

Hands up who likes a bargain? Yep, thought so. Me too!

As we near summer, car boot sales start to pop up again. The fields are dry and people have cleared out all their Christmas cr@p. Now is the ideal time to get down to your local car boot sale.

Check out our most recent car boot haul in this short video! We found some absolute gems!

Not sure what a “car boot sale” is?

Basically, a load of people turn up to a field and sell their junk from their car boot. A bit like a huge flea market or garage sale. And let me clarify, not just a random field but a designated place where car boots are held regularly. So for example, in the North Somerset area, I love the Cheddar car boot sale on Sunday mornings and I love the Puxton Park car boot sale, later on a Sunday morning.

Why bother shopping at car boot sales?

Because you can find some amazing hidden gems amongst the junk. When we had little b, we got a lot of toys from car boot sales. Wooden puzzles, Fisher Price toys and various clothes. There really are some bargains to be had.

Why You Should Shop at a Car Boot Sale This Summer!
Look at that face!

Here was one of our car boot hauls when B was a bubba. We got loads of bits for next to nothing.

Why You Should Shop at a Car Boot Sale This Summer! toys and games for kids
We did not buy the cat 😉

What should I look for?

Anything really! You’ll literally find anything and everything at car boot sales. Yes you do need to have a rummage but you can typically tell which stalls sell toys, clothes and books.

I also look for second hand furniture to up-cycle, as well as books, clothes and various ornaments and glasses. I love buying trays and baskets too! If you think ahead, you can get some lovely stuff for Christmas too. I bought a wreath for a pound and it made a beautiful decoration for the door.

car boot sales north somerset tips for buying and selling

But isn’t it just all a load of junk?

It depends what you define as “junk”! If you have the time to rummage through boxes and take your time browsing then you really can find some decent things. I find it pays to spend time looking through book boxes. Sellers typically dump the books in a box under the table. Have a flip through and see what you can find. I’ve often picked up various Usborne children’s books for 50p or so.

I’d say at least half of b’s library is made of car boot books and has probably cost me no more than a tenner.

car boot sales north somerset tips for buying and selling
Every book you see here was purchased at a car boot!

I’m Convinced! Where can I find my local car boot?!

Typically car boot sales start early on a Saturday or Sunday. There has been a growing trend for car boots to start around midday though. Who really wants to be up at the crack of dawn? Although saying that, if you’re up with a little one then it’s great to get there early! A perk of being up early hey

Have a look on your local Facebook groups and keep an eye out in the local newspaper. Our local car boot also puts signs up around the area on a Sunday too.

Failing that, take a look on Car Boot Junction here.

Any Car Boot Fails to Share?

As  I pride myself on being honest on the blog, yes! Yes there have been many fails! The most recent being a £1 Hungry Hippos game. I was assured all pieces were there. But they weren’t. We have one lone hungry hippo ball. Sob. So now I’m looking out for Hungry Hippo Balls!*

*Update – it turns out the balls are stored under the Hippo tray! I clearly did not play this game enough as a child myself.

Do you shop at car boot sales? Have you found any “treasure”? Be sure to pin for later and share with me your finds in the comments!

why you should shop at carboot sales north somerset bristol spring open times

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  1. We went to a carboot sale last weekend and I was pleased to pick up a few fancy dress pieces for the girls. Ok so the Frozen dress is missing the cape and I’ve removed the broken hoop from another dress but these are things that can be fixed right? My fail was in buying an incomplete Orchard Toys game. #KCACOLS

  2. Never been to one but considering going very soon as I too have alot of stuff that is currently collecting dust. Would love to find some wooden toy bargains! #KCACOLS

  3. I always found them a bit intimidating growing up! I enjoy a good bargain though and love books so maybe I should check one out soon. I’ll share my haul if I do 🙂 Thank you for linking up with #KCACOLS and hope you join in again next time.

  4. I Love car boot sales although I haven’t been to one in ages. I think the last time I went to one I was more worried about the boys running off and pulling stuff off the tables! I’m sure it would be much better now though…I hope!:)

  5. I Love shopping second hand. Charity shops, car boots, Ebay, gumtree. Most things I buy I look to see if I can get it second hand first- better for the environment and ALOT of stuff has had next to no use/ wear. Plus, who likes to spend more than they have to !? #KCACOLS

  6. We love a good car boot sale! I’ve bought so many great brands of clothing for my children in excellent condition and really cheap! We’ve recently been selling our cr@p too #KCACOLS

  7. Omg I love carboot and definitely the best place for bargain hunting stuff that can be recycled. There is a lot to see in there and you can also haggle the price. #kcacols

  8. I love a car boot sale! I used to go with my parents every Sunday morning and go home with a huge pile of “junk”…I bet they loved that! You can actually get some really good stuff at them now, they are huge! #kcacols

  9. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a car boot sale but after watching your video I definitely want to go…you found some fab little things. Off to search for my local one now xx #BlogCrush

    • You should so go! I’ve found so many lovely things. And toys! So many toys for pennies 😀

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