Fitness, Failure and Living to 100

Fitness, Failure and Living to 100. What i need to do to get fit, move more and feel more energised! (1)

I was going to write a post today about using up leftovers but instead I’m going to write about how I feel like I’ve completely failed at any type of healthy lifestyle recently. I feel a fraud writing down some of the things I try to do to make food healthy when, actually, I haven’t done any of those things for a while! So I’m going to lay it all out and start taking accountability for my lazy lifestyle. Although let me just state that my son does get a super balanced diet! It’s just his mum that feels it’s ok to completely neglect herself physically.

What started all of this?

Well a few things actually. I typically start every day with a Red Bull. I mean honestly, WT actual F?! There is absolutely ZERO goodness in a can of this junk and I need to knock my addiction on the head. And it is an addiction because every single day I justify why I should have one. And some days I even have another in the afternoon. It’s disgusting.

mum bloggers wine redbull reviews motivation

Secondly, I typically end every day with wine. If I have a good day, I celebrate with a wine. If I’ve had a shit day, I commiserate with wine. And I’m sick of this “routine” that I’ve gotten myself in to. After I had little B I justified having wine because I hadn’t for a year plus. Well that was nearly four bloody years ago. There is no excuse not to cut back now.

I know these days it’s pretty “normal” to come home and pour a glass of vino. As mums I find we even joke about it a lot – wine-o-clock this and prosecco-o-clock that, but it’s time to snap out of this routine.

mum bloggers wine redbull reviews motivation

Bloody Move!

Next up – movement. My day looks like this: I get up, I drive to work which takes around 45 minutes. I then work. I drive home and I sit and blog. And then I sit and watch TV.

You can see a pattern here ey? A pattern of sit.

So movement is on my list of must-dos. I’ve tried, sporadically to integrate walking into my lunchtime routine but it is very hit and miss. I need something more structured and more disciplined.

Wake up Call

And then finally, I had a bit of a wake up call this week. I downloaded the app “Blinkist” – if you haven’t heard of it and want to read snippets of info in 15 minutes then take a look! But anyway so I downloaded the app and read the pick of the day – which annoyingly I can’t find on the app now! It was basically the best bits summarised about what our aging population means for society, for the economy and for us. And it really made me think a bit more about the future.

Pretty much every day my neck and back hurt. Goodness knows why hey because it’s not like I sit for 10 plus hours a day.

mum bloggers wine redbull reviews motivation yoga exercise

After reading these “blinks” (snippets of info in the Blinkist app!) it suddenly hit me that yes I’m 36 but I really might be around for another 60 years. And the thought of having neck ache and back ache and living on Red Bull wasn’t that appealing.

So what am I going to do about all this?

Well I know with changing any lifestyle routine that it takes time and determination. And I know I cant change everything all at once over night.

First up I’m going to vow to cut down on the wine. I recently enjoyed some gin – of which I haven’t for years and I’m going to reward myself with a G&T once some movement and blogging has been accomplished on an evening! It’s unrealistic to say I’m going to go tea-total forever more. I enjoy wine and I enjoy drinking with friends.

Second up, and this one for me I actually find the hardest – giving up the Red Bull. I’m completely addicted to the sugar and the taste and I’d sooner have a can of the sweet, syrupy yumminess (crapness) than a donut or a biscuit. This is going to be hard for me to do so I can’t promise any change here yet.

Movement – I’ve found a local fitness walking club and start on Monday evening. I used to run a bit and I used to go to body combat a lot but I’ve just made excuse after excuse since having the boy. For the good of my back and neck, I need to move.

I also picked myself up a new yoga mat in Tesco. The last time I did yoga was when I was pregnant. I’m planning on going along to a class on Sunday morning.

And the leftovers?

how to use up leftovers in mashed potato

If you did come to the blog today hoping to read about using up leftovers then let me give you a bite-sized recipe which is actually super yummy!how to use up leftovers in mashed potato

Basically take any leftovers – here I use bacon, spring onions and some smoked cheese. Fry up the bacon and onion and add it to your next batch of mashed potato. Easy peasy.

how to use up leftovers in mashed potato

I’m pretty useless with meal planning and using up food and I throw far too much out. Although this is something I want to improve on, this isn’t my main concern at the mo in terms of self-improvement. I can cook when I put my mind to it and plan it!

Have you found you’ve been stuck in a rut and you need to change things up a bit?! Feel free to share your wins, or not, with me in the comments!

Fitness, Failure and Living to 100. What i need to do to get fit, move more and feel more energised! (1)

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  1. You only have one life,live it how you want to,drink red bull,eat macd’s,my motto is work hard ,play hard,you own a unique body and mind,don’t listen to others,most of the time they are taking in CRAP,Preaching to Everyone Else!!!!

  2. Relate to this – especially on the wine front. It sounds like you have a good action plan for changing what you want to change though, and you will get there. Every little change makes a difference.

  3. My life insurance company monitor your fitness tracker and actually reduces your premium if you do lots of exercise, it certainly makes you get off your bum and out there! #kcacols

  4. I’m all for everything in moderation….. but not red bull 😉 I am good ay meal planning though – I’m not claiming all our meals are healthy but it takes the stress off deciding what to eat each night. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

  5. It’s so hard to kick a habit once you get into it. I have a habit of drinking diet coke while I cook. Now all I have to do is open the fridge to get out stuff for tea and I start craving diet coke. I have managed to cut it down and once I get passed that initial craving I’m usually ok. If I really have to have one I just open a can and pour a small amount into a glass and then get rid of the rest – that usually does the trick. As much as I want to say that you should do whatever you want and to hell with everyone else, Red Bull is really not great! It would be better to give up the Red Bull and carry on drinking the wine! Best of luck – I’m sure you can do it! #KCACOLS

    • thanks for your comment. it’s so hard isn’t it! I’ve been really good this week exercising and cutting back the wine but I just love my morning red bull !! I know once I “forget” about wanting it im fine though! argh!

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