5 Fun and Imaginative Ways to Play with Schleich Dinosaur Figures!

imagination creative play sensory schleich dinosaurs review

Dinosaur Madness!

I don’t know about you but b absolutely loves dinosaurs at the moment. He enjoys reading about them, watching them on TV and he loves to play with them. When we got the opportunity to review some Schleich dinosaurs, we were super excited!

Today on the blog I share my thoughts on feathered raptors and mini T-Rex dinosaurs. I also share with you a really fun infographic which I put together listing FIVE ways you can have fun with your dinosaurs!

If your little one isn’t so fussed on dinosaurs then these ones from Schleich are a fab way to get them interested. The figures are detailed, realistic and are ideal for imaginative toddlers. The figures are really sturdy and I doubt they could be broken without real force! We had another set of dinosaurs and although they were able to roar, the plastic was fairly light which meant the figures easily fell over.

imagination creative play sensory schleich dinosaurs review

We reviewed the Schleich Feathered Raptors set which includes 3 figures, utahraptor, velociraptor and microraptor. I can’t say I’ve heard of any of these, and although they have feathers, none of them were able to actually fly!

imagination creative play sensory schleich dinosaurs review


B had other ideas though and he’s spent a while whizzing them through the air pretending to terrorize our four cats.

We also got the chance to play with a mini T-Rex and another mini utahraptor. You can see in the stock images I include that the figures are really detailed. Scaly skin and super sharp teeth.

imagination creative play sensory schleich dinosaurs review

There are so many ways you can encourage your child to play with these dinos, from free play to more structured play. Take a look at some of our ideas in this infographic. And don’t forget to pin for later!

imagination creative play sensory schleich dinosaurs review

Play-Doh, clay or salt dough fossils and track marks

Simply take your dinosaur and press various body parts into Play-Doh. And there you have some fossils. We let ours air dry. I first discovered salt dough fossils over on the Mudpie Friday blog here.


Paint with dinosaur feet to make tracks. This is a lot of fun and requires minimal effort. Use your dinosaurs to paint. Just wipe the excess paint off afterwards.

Hide and seek dinosaurs

Hide your dinos around a specific room while the little one counts to ten. Then let your child seek them out.

Free play

Figure toys are always great for sparking little imaginations. B really enjoyed putting these dinos in his toy houses and in his cars and various vehicles.

imagination creative play sensory schleich dinosaurs review

Bath and water play

These dinos are really hardy and can withstand being in the water. I’m not sure to what extent though so if you want to keep them pristine then maybe don’t take them in the bath?! But then who has anything “pristine” anymore with a toddler in the house?

Do you enjoy creative and imaginary play with dinosaurs or other figures? Which are your child’s favourite?!

imagination creative play sensory schleich dinosaurs review

Disclaimer: We were given these dinosaurs to review. My thoughts are my own and honest though!

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