8 Ideas for Advertising Your Blog Offline

ideas for growing blog audience online offline advertising

I’m having a blogging blip. Why bother when I could be reading, binge watching Netflix or just doing something else? Why spend ever bloody night sat in my office at my laptop? Because I like writing. I like having a creative outlet.

best places to grow blog audience offline online ideas

One thing that’s been bothering me lately though is the very real struggle of trying to get my blog content read by more people.

I think most new bloggers go through this right?

Maybe it’s because my content is crap – I dunno. I’m certain not all of it’s crap. I’m loving the infographic I put together in this post on Twitter tools!

But what can I  do differently over the coming months to grow my blog audience? Today I pretty much share my brain storming session with you! Feel free to add your own ideas in the comments 🙂

Define Your Audience

First up, define your audience. Who are you writing for?

For me, my audience is primarily parents. Parents of toddlers, parents that work, parents that play, parents that blog, parents that enjoy home décor, travel and parents that cook. I also write for parents in the North Somerset area. I often write posts about things to do in the area like this one on pram walks.

best places to grow blog audience offline online ideas
And Daddys! I don’t want to be daddist 😉

Where does my audience hang out?

Next up, where do these people go? Where do they hang out online but also offline? Today I am going to focus on some ideas for offline exposure. Sound good?


Every day I go to b’s nursery and everyday I meet parents. I haven’t fully capitalised on this opportunity but I should drop some leaflets off or hand them out at the next summer fair!


The same applies when b starts school in September.

best places to grow blog audience offline online ideas
Time to get my bum in gear!


Children’s Centres

We have loads of local children’s centres where I could drop leaflets off. I even know some of the people who work at some of the centres. Why haven’t I done this already?!

The ultimate aim of leaflet dropping is to drive traffic to my website or encourage people to engage on social media.

Speaking with Local media

One thing I plan to do is reach out to some of local press. It’s not hard to get in contact online these days and pitch them an article or idea. I found a Bristol playground blog two years ago after reading a write up in the Bristol Evening Post.

My to-do here is to make a list of all local media in this area that might be interested in featuring something if it happens to be a slow news day!

best places to grow blog audience offline online ideas local media and press


I don’t run a lot of giveaways but when I do, they often generate a surge of traffic. It’s really handy for attracting a non-blogging audience. The challenge then of course is getting to people to revisit.

Family and Friends

This isn’t something I do a lot of but I should probably ask my friends and family to share my content (if they want) on their Facebook pages. Please…?!

best places to grow blog audience offline online ideas
Share my stuff Mum!

Think Local

Going back to the media idea above, think about other local organizations or initiatives you could explore and try and piggy back off of for exposure. We have a lot of things coming up in the summer so I plan to tie some blog work to that.

Libraries and Community Centres

I haven’t tried this but if they have a notice board, see if you can pop something up that advertises your blog, with the aim of driving online traffic. Our library is housed next to the children’s centre and there is a huge notice board, which, when b was a baby, I used to spend ages pretending to study so I wouldn’t look like billy no mates in front of all the other mums!

best places to grow blog audience offline online ideas mum friends

What do you do to try and increase your audience and reach? Any tips or tricks to add to this list?ideas for growing blog audience online offline advertising

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    • thank you Helen x I need to actually get on and action some of my tips haha! have the best weekend x

  1. I absolutely love this post and what great tips. I have hosted a blog giveaway once before when I first started out but I was very disappointed with the response. I think that’s it’s time for another, watch this space. I will most certainly be booking marking this post for future reference. #KCACOLS

  2. I’ve not really thought about how to advertise online but these are really great tips 🙂 I also worry about people never reading
    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

  3. Good ideas. I once walked around Boracay on White Beach and spoke to travelers (my audience) one-on-one about my site. A few new friends even invited their FB friends to Like my page. Nothing beats a real life connection. I just shared this post on my Travel Marketing Tips board. It’s a good reminder to think outside the box.

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