My Must-Have Tools for Better Managing Twitter!

twitter tools review and use buffer hootsuite crowdfire tweetdeck analytics

Must-Have Tools for Twitter!

Today on the blog I share with you my favourite TWITTER tools. Why you might be thinking. Well, when I started blogging back in Sept 2015 (yep, here is the very first me and b post – cringe), I really didn’t get twitter. I signed up and retweeted the odd tweet here and there but that was it. I had zero interest to be honest.

And then after getting into the blogging scene a bit more, I realised why I needed twitter as much as the next blogger or business! And so here I am, sharing my tips on some of the tools I love. I also wrote a short post here on getting started with twitter – perfect if you are a beginner.

It can feel a bit overwhelming at first and honestly, if you are a busy parent, who has all day to browse through twitter?!

Today I share some of my fave tools for automating a few of the twitter processes, while maintaining credibility as a human tweeter and not just a bot.

My must have tools for better managing Twitter! Complete Social Media Management Tips and Tricks


Buffer is my absolute go-to for all things twitter related. The free version allows you to play around and get used to it. You can schedule ten tweets at any time. The paid for version allows you to schedule as many as you want in advance. In my opinion it is worth it. I also manage 7 other social media accounts using Buffer too.

twitter tools review and use buffer hootsuite crowdfire tweetdeck analytics

I love the buffer analytics. It shows you what your top retweeted post was, how many likes it got, the total reach.

I also love the schedule tool. Add as many tweets to your daily schedule as you want.

The only downside to Buffer is that when you rebuffer content, it is not happy when you rebuffer the same content. I typically change a hashtag or slightly reword the text.

If you want to set up some recurring tweets without the hassle of re-wording them then I recommend this next tool:

Recur Post

It’s basically a tool that allows you to schedule tweets to publish every day at certain times. It saves re-buffering them.  Twitter is super fast-paced so in my opinion, it’s ok to re-post the same content daily. Now my husband would disagree but he follows maybe twenty people. Me being one of them. So yes, I p*ss him off with endless tweets about increasing Pinterest traffic.

using recur post for twitter review comparison with buffer social oomph
Here’s a screen grab of what the schedule looks like.

After a little playing around, it was easy to set up an editorial calendar, and schedule. I literally just forget about it!

using recur post for twitter review comparison with buffer social oomph
You can see a steady increase in engagement over time

Now if I’m being honest I’m not a huge fan. Why? Because this site has no end of pop-up after flipping pop-up. It’s hard to get anything done! But if you want a quick way to thank new followers or thank people who retweeted your content then this is the platform for you. And for this reason, it is super handy.

twitter tools review and use buffer hootsuite crowdfire tweetdeck analytics
Image taken from the website

What I really hate though is the auto-generated messages it signs you up to without you even realizing it. And there’s nothing worse than auto-direct messages on twitter – in my opinion anyway! You can turn them off in the settings though so just remember to do so if you sign up and don’t want to auto-messages to ship.

One way to get around paying for the full version is to copy/paste the new follower handles and then tweet them directly if you want to. I typically do this with retweeters. You get 20 free credits, weekly (I think) so you can use these to retweet people or thank them too.

I’m certain the business model works though because people are so p*ssed off with the pop-ups that they will pay anything for them to do one!


Now technically I could manage all my social media in Hootsuite but I don’t. I really only use Hootsuite to monitor twitter conversation.

Want to monitor your PR twitter list?  You can do so using Hootsuite.

twitter tools review and use buffer hootsuite crowdfire tweetdeck analytics
Bit of a dull photo as I’ve blanked out my stream info but you can see the things I monitor along the top!

Want to monitor the hashtag #bloggerswanted? Yep, you can set up a stream in Hootsuite for this.

Another platform which does this really well, and a little less complicated in my opinion, is TweetDeck.

twitter tools review and use buffer hootsuite crowdfire tweetdeck analytics
The same here with TweetDeck


In terms of design and being able to create the right size images for twitter, I use Canva. Again I used the paid for version but you could use the free just fine for this. I wrote a piece here on creating graphics using Canva for Pinterest.


Crowdfire is great for nosing at who doesn’t follow you and who recently unfollowed you. In my opinion, I’m not overly interested in these stats. What is important to me is to clear out any accounts I follow which are inactive. I typically look at the 6 and 3 month groups and have a clear out every few months.

Twitter Analytics

By using the twitter analytics tools, you can get an idea of who your audience are and which tweets work and which don’t. This can be really useful when working with brands and for building your media pack.

analytics twitter review comparison with buffer social oomph
A bit of audience insight using twitter analytics

What tools do you use to better manage twitter? There are loads out there and one which is really popular but which I haven’t tried is SocialOopmh. It is on the list of tools to investigate! Are there any other tools you use and love?

If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to tweet it or schedule it!

My must have tools for better managing Twitter!

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    • ah pleased it was useful. there are a couple of pinterest posts if you pop pinterest in the search on my site. I wrote a bit about tailwind too which works with pinterest.

  1. I just started twitter and totally needed this! I have no idea what to do or how to use it other than tweeting and following people! Thank you so muchhhhh!

    • ah pleased it helped. I have another twitter post that is ideal for beginners. if you pop twitter in the search you should find it !

  2. Thanks for sharing, this is great! I really want to be a better tweeter, but just don’t seem to get my act together enough to do it! So do you schedule something out months in advance so you can literally forget about it. And I use hootesuite, so if you tweet the same thing 4 times throughout the day, you have to change up what it says each time right? OR is that just a hootsuite thing? I find that part hard, to come up with a different way to say it each time I want to tweet it, ya know?

  3. i SUCK at twitter lol It’s the least engagement I get on my platforms too! I have hoot suite on my phone but I feel like I don’t use it to its full potential. I have never heard of the other tools you mentioned. Going to check them all out, I can’t wait to see my twitter grow!

  4. I’m yet to jump on the twitter bandwagon, I had a personal account that has been majorly neglected, but have never bit the bullet and made a business account that I actually focus on. But I hear people say that it’s a great place for driving traffic if you have the time for it, well I don’t have the time for it – so it looks like I need these tools!!! Thank you.

  5. Great post! I use Buffer and Canva as if they’re going out of fashion. I am going to share this in my New Mummy and Daddy Bloggers Support group on facebook as I know the newbies will find this very useful!


  6. Great List!! Canva, Hootsuite and Buffer have always been some of my favorite tools. I think I may need to check out the ones you mentioned that are new to me. Always open to finding new tools

  7. Great post. I use the free version of buffer but don’t schedule stuff as often as I should. I like the sound of hoot suite for monitoring different streams. I’m a huge fan of Canva too and use it for all my blog and social media images x

  8. I’m desperately trying to get better with twitter so I love posts like these! Buffer is one I’m struggling with as I don’t really want to pay for it but I suppose I’ll have to start!
    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

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