How to Make Awesome Images for Pinterest Using Canva

canva pinterest image for twitter

When I started blogging, I didn’t take much notice of Pinterest. I just figured my content wasn’t Pinterestworthy. I was wrong. Pinterest is now my number one traffic source. You can read some of my tips for increasing engagement here.

Pinterest is my number one source of traffic!

I’d always used Pinterest for personal pinning reasons but since blogging, I started to understand it’s real value for businesses. But it isn’t a quick win and it takes time.

Why bother with Pinterest?

Because it can be a huge source of traffic to your website. And not just for visually appealing websites that focus on food or travel.

Do you run a parenting blog, then why not create pinnable images for your content? Perhaps you run a business blog – again, create pinnable images.

Today I’m going to show you how to create a “pinnable” image using an online design tool, Canva. This isn’t a sponsored Canva post or anything like that. I just happen to love the tool!

What is Canva?

Canva is my go-to design platform. It makes creating images for social media super easy. There is a free version and a paid for version. I pay around £10 a month and it is well worth it. The paid for version allows me to auto-size a Pinterest image to a twitter, Instagram, Facebook and custom sized image – in seconds. It saves time, is easy to use and looks good.

What is a pinnable image?

You might be thinking all images can be pinned. And yes, you can pin all images, but to really use Pinterest to drive traffic to your site, you need long, vertical images that are beautiful. Pinterest images that perform well also use a text overlay.

The Pinterest template in Canva measures 735 pixles by 1102 pixels. I sometimes create longer images depending on what I want to show.

How to make a pinnable image using canva

First navigate to the Pinterest template. A new tab will open up.

How to make a pinnable image using canva

Next take a look at the different templates. You might find one here that works well for you.

How to make a pinnable image using canva

Keep in mind that you want to stand out from the crowd so if you pick a pre-made template, try and customise it to your blog style and colours.

Customise a prebuilt template

To customise a prebuilt template, simple edit the text like this:

How to make a pinnable image using canva

And change the photo by uploading one of your own or using one of the Canva images. Some are paid for.

How to make a pinnable image using canva

You can create something simple, like this.

How to make a pinnable image using canva

Create a template from scratch

If you want to design your own pinnable image then you can do so using grids. Typically this is what I use for all pinnable images I create.

How to make a pinnable image using canva
All the tools you need can be found here!

I typically pick a one picture grid but say you have 4 photos to add then you can use grids for this too.

How to make a pinnable image using canva

When you want to add an image, you just drag it in to the grid area and it will auto-populate. Make sense?

how to use grids in canvaAdding Text

Next, you want to overlay some text. You can do so using the text icon here:

adding text to canva images for pinterest

Because I use the paid version, I can add the fonts I use regularly to the top.

And there you go, done. A pinnable image in minutes.

pinnable image using canva

Now you probably want to experiment and play around with different styles but I suggest once you find something you like then stick with it for consistency. I typically use the same 2-3 fonts, as well as layouts.

Today I’ve shared some tips to get you using Canva to create vertical, pinnable images super fast! Have you used Canva to create images for Pinterest before? Any tips to add? Or are you yet to create a vertical image to pin? Share your experiences in the comments below, and don’t forget to pin this beautiful, pinnable pic below 😉

canva pinterest image for twitter

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  1. I really need to get on to pinterest. It’s on my to-do list and I just never get around to it!!! I haven’t been using Canva for long either, but I like what I see. Thanks for sharing this. #bigpinklink

  2. I love Canva! I use it on all of my posts but it’s only very recently that I’ve started trying to up my Pinterest game. Didn’t realise there was a paid version so that’s something to keep in mind for future #bigpinklink

  3. I love Canva and totally use it all the time for my blog but never used it for pinterest, i have said that this will be my new platform to conquer and two months into the year im failing!

    I’ve saved this link to come back to later and have a tinkle! #marvmondays

  4. I love Canva! I use it for creating lots of my images for pinterest and you tube and think its fab. This is a really useful tutorial. I’d love to hear more about how you use pinterest if you ever decide to write a post on this 🙂 Fab post, thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays. Emily

    • thank you Emily. Canva is fab isn’t it! I did do a pinterest tips – I need to pin it to the home page. if you search for it, you’ll find it. I wrote one on tailwind too. beginners tips x

  5. This is great, thanks so much for sharing, I really need to learn more about Pinterest. I’ve pinned this to my Blogging board so can come back next week and have a go 🙂 #KCACOLS

  6. I’ve only just started using canva. I will definitely be trying out some of these tips. My pinterest is bare at the min as I’ve only just started blogging.
    What I’ve been trying to figure out is where to put the picture that’s for pinterest in my blog as the featured pictures with my theme on my blog aren’t the right size? X

  7. Really conscise and explanative tips. Pinned this post 😜 Not just for the irony 😜

    Thanks. It’s an avenue I need to work on more.


    • Hehe good luck! It takes time and it’s taken me a while to go through old posts and update them with new pinnable pics !

  8. I’m all for nice pins on pinterest. I’d love to use canva as there’s so many lovely templates. But it just crashes for me and I’ve no idea why. That’s great you get so much traffic from Pinterest #KCACOLS

  9. Pintrest is one of those platforms I started years ago but hardly used. This article has given me food for thought. Going to bookmark this and have a nosey at your other useful posts. Thanks for sharing #KCACOLS

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