Five Awesome Snack Ideas for Toddlers!

5 awesome snacks for toddlers

Hey there and welcome to Friday on me and b. Today we round-up five super fun snacks which are some of my favourites. They are easy to prep and easy to make and even though they involve lions and koala bears, I promise you, they don’t take too long. And even better, they may just be the thing to entice picky little eaters 🙂 Wouldn’t that be fab hey?!

If you’re short on time or just got in from nursery, then these cute snack ideas are ideal!

Make a Xylophone Veggie Snack in 5 Mins

As part of the A-Z blog challenge last year, I had to come up with a fun food idea each day during April. The letter X saw me build a Xylophone out of food! Bonkers I know but I thought X-ray would be harder. So here we have a cute xylophone snack or lunch time treat. Honestly, give it a go – it didn’t take long and it looks so cute!

5 awesome snacks for toddlers

Watermelon Umbrellas

Another A to Z post saw me making these cute watermelon umbrellas. The seeds make beautiful rain drops. I used a circular cookie cutter to make the umbrella edge. It took minutes.

5 awesome snacks for toddlers

Lion Veggies

This hummus Lion is the absolulte cutest. Grab a rice cake, spread with hummus and use yellow pepper and carrot sticks to make the mane. Perfect.

5 awesome snacks for toddlers

Koala bear

Mini rice cakes make this cute koala bear snack. You can spread them with cream cheese or peanut butter –whatever your little ones enjoy. I used blueberries to make eyes and added some asapargus stalks. Random I know, so perhaps try cucumber of celery?!

5 awesome snacks for toddlers

Jelly Fish

And to finish off, check out our jelly fish. They are literally fish made of jelly. Grab your jelly and plop some bits on a plate. Use fruit to make eyes and fins. And you are done.

5 awesome snacks for toddlers

So there we go. Six super simple snack ideas to keep you going! I absolutely love these cute snack ideas and the boy loves them even more. I find they even make tea and lunch time a bit more enjoyable for me!

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5 awesome snacks for toddlers

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  1. Amazing! Hummus lion and Koala bear are my faves and actually looks relatively un-scary to make, even for someone like me that has never tried anything like this before. I love your creativity 🙂 Fab post, thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays. Emily

  2. These are so adorable, and healthy too! I always try to do some ‘plating for my girls,’ but WOW! You blew me away and made me hungry! Thanks so much for joining us on #GlobalBlogging Now I must go and do some global snacking!

  3. These look so simple to make! That watermelon umbrella is adorable. My son’s would go dilly over the lion! How cute! I can see a creative week in my future 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us at #globalblogging!

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