5 Favourite Family Travel Blogs You Should Read Now!

top family travel blogs for kids children family friendly reviews

Pre-b mr D and I used to travel quite a bit. Not years and years but we used to take time off work and travel somewhere that really inspired us, be it a few weeks or a few days. Where have you been that truly inspired you?

2010 saw us visit New York, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Japan and Iceland. 2011 saw us take three weeks out to travel around China. Then in 2012 we thought we should crack on and start a family. We still managed to fit in an all-inclusive two weeks to Cuba!

Family Fun in Lanzarote

Once B came along, the travel days were over. We did a “family” holiday when B was nine months but it wasn’t great if I’m being honest. B fell ill two days in and we spent most of the time worrying our socks off and trying to decipher Spanish antibiotic instructions. Fun.

top travel blogs of all time mummy blogger parenting travel with kids toddlers

I’m pleased to say that now B is a bit older, I finally feel like we CAN start travelling again and extend our travel repertoire outside of the UK. We’ve had lots of fun times in Yorkshire, Devon, Sussex, but we want to spread our wings a bit. Do you know what I mean?

Since blogging, I’ve come across so many fantastic travel blogs and I really want to share some of my favourite ones here. They aren’t all focused on far-off exotic places and I include a mix of home and away blogs 🙂 Some are truly inspiring and some are downright bloody useful! Enjoy 🙂


First up is Wander Mum. I really enjoy browsing Elizabeth’s posts because there is something for everyone. From Asia and America to the UK and Spain, the blog covers so many areas. It inspires me to plan future trips with the little man. It is also home to a linky that I really enjoy – City Tripping. The linky is focused on travel posts. I love reading about places and enjoy looking through the posts linked up each week. I haven’t linked myself for a few months now so I need to crack on and get out and about in 2017!

top travel blogs of all time mummy blogger parenting travel with kids toddlers
Not the best pic but me doing my best to entertain the little guy on the flight!


Next up and also host of City Tripping is Mummy Travels. I was so inspired by Cathy’s posts on their trip to Burma. Reading them makes me want to pack my bags and jet off. I also love the mix of European and UK posts. Even if you don’t fancy long-haul in 2017, there is something for everyone here.


A blog that I really love is Baby Routes. Kate blogs about family friendly walks and best of all, in my opinion, things to do along major UK motorway routes! I go back to this post often as we travel long the M4 quite a bit. Because of Kate’s blog, we’ve stopped at a number of places along the M4 and had lovely days out. Much more fun than Reading services!

top travel blogs of all time mummy blogger parenting travel with kids toddlers


A blog that I really enjoy reading is one entirely focused around playgrounds in the Bristol area – Bristol Playgrounds by Emily Smithson. If you don’t live near Bristol or visit the area often then you probably will have no interest at all. But as a mum in the area, having a handy list of pretty much every playground, tried and tested, in the surrounding area is literally amazing! Emily’s blog is a real gem and I found out about it in our local newspaper. Because of what I read there, we’ve visited playgrounds in Blaise, Bath, Hengrove – all over! There were playgrounds and parks I literally didn’t know existed.

top travel blogs of all time mummy blogger parenting travel with kids toddlers
Absolutely huge playground in Bath! Pleased the day we decided to go was the Bath Half Marathon. Oops!


And finally another travel blog I recently discovered and enjoy is Hilary Style. Hilary blogs about the places I love – Japan, the Bay area in California and various places in Europe. She takes her sons wherever she goes and it completely inspires me to travel more now that b is getting older.

So there is my little round-up of my fave travel blogs. Am I missing any? Share with me your favourites in the comments or be sure to tweet me them on twitter @meandbmaketea !

top family travel blogs for kids children family friendly reviews


  1. Thank you so much for the mention! It means a lot and even more that I am able to help provide some inspiration. Some great family travel blogs you’ve got on your list. Look forward to seeing you back on City Tripping at some point. X

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m so happy you’re enjoying the blog and that it inspires you to travel with your little guy! Exactly the reason I started writing it in the first place!

  3. I spent most of my 20s travelling and then like you did shorter trips before Willow was born. Our last trip was to Bali which was heaven. We naively thought that we would continue traveling when baba arrived – but the reality of that soon dawned on us so we’ve not ventured anywhere yet. Now Willow is older though we are def ready to try. I didn’t think about looking at blogs for inspo but will be doing after this. Thanks for the tips x

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