Making a Splash With the Sevylor Puddle Jumper

sevylor puddler jumper review for kids swimming water safety uk

One of our aims for 2017 was to swim more. I’m ashamed to say we’ve been three times since the start of the new year. I blame coughs and colds.

After being asked to review a Sevylor Puddle Jumper swimming aid, and also getting an invite to a swimming party, I figured we best dust off our swimming gear!

What is the Puddle Jumper?

The Sevylor Puddle Jumper is basically a swimming aid designed with kids in mind. The fun designs are bright and attractive, the fabric is soft and best of all, they are all about keeping little ones safe in the water. Designed for children between 15-30kg, they are a huge step on from the classic armbands.

Puddle Jumpers Pirate swimming aid arm bands

Imagine five minutes spent puffing up arm bands, only to have them slip off, chaff or worse, deflate. With the Puddle Jumper you get a durable swimming aid which adds a bit of fun to the safety mix.

We put the Original Puddle Jumper Deluxe Pirate arm floats to the test and the little man loved them – eventually!

He was a bit reluctant to put them on at first…as per this photo!

sevylor puddle jumper swimming aid review parent mum holiday
Erm Mum…

But once he had them on and realized he could splash about in the pool and not worry about slipping under, he was per this photo!

sevylor puddle jumper swimming aid review parent mum holiday

We tested the Puddle Jumper at a recent swimming birthday party and it went down well with all the parents there!

A number of the children tried out the Pirate arm floats and loved them too. One parent commented “They instantly gave my child extra confidence in the water. Confidence that we don’t typically see!”

Another mum mentioned “It seemed comfortable on my son and he could move freely. It kept him afloat and confident in the water.”

How Does The Puddle Jumper Work?

The puddle jumper slips over both arms and clips into place along the back. It is super easy for parents to pop on and tough for kids to get off. Win win.

The fabric cover is soft, bright and playful and b particularly liked the idea that it was a “pirate” float. He is into anything pirate, superhero and turtle related at the moment. Typical 3 year old hey. The pirate design is actually what convinced b to pop the float on in the end.

sevylor puddle jumper swimming aid review parent mum holiday

We really loved using this because it was super simple to get on and it was secure. I always find arm bands have a tendency to slip off. We used to pop b in a rubber ring when he was younger but that would mean he couldn’t actually do anything with his arms, and his head could still easily slip through the middle of the ring.

B really gained confidence in the water, leaning forward and doing his own little doggy-paddle up the pool. Usually he clings on to daddy.

To say they all had a whale of a time at the party would be an understatement. They had the baby pool to themselves for a whole hour and then enjoyed a cooked meal and ice-cream after.

We fly off to Menorca in May for a week and we will absolutely make space in our case for our Puddle Jumper. It really made a difference to B’s confidence in the water and he loved the freedom it gave him to swim, splash and play with his friends!

Have you tried a Puddle Jumper? Are you fed up with armbands chaffing and deflating?!

It seemed comfortable on Will and he could move freely. It kept him afloat and confident in the water.

*Disclaimer – We were given a Puddle Jumper to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and as always, are honest.

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  1. Brilliant idea Emma for little ones to gain confidence in the water . Wish they had been around when I had my two learning to swim

  2. It’s that fact that so many of these types of things are actually really limiting in terms of the kids being able to move about and learn to swim. Lots of the vests ride up too so I think this could be a really good design for my lot. Swimming is such an essential skills – esp for kids with autism who are often attracted to water. Thanks so much for this great review.

    • yes I don’t like the vests either. these worked really well for us and b could still splash about with freedom.

  3. Both my girls have Puddle Jumpers and they are brilliant. It’s amazing what a difference it made to their confidence in the water when they got them. Love the pirate design and glad to hear that it helped improve B’s confidence in the water too 🙂 #bloggerclubuk

  4. This is awesome!!! We go to the lake every summer but life jackets are so cumbersome while playing on the beach and going in and out of the water. This will be an awesome addition for us!!! I love the pirate print!! My toddler hates to put things on too but I think I could win him over with this! And love that it does up behind!!! #KCACOLS

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