Valentine’s Gift Guide for Awkward Partners!

Valentine's Gift Guide for Awkward Partners!

Ok so picture this…it’s Valentine’s and all your other half really wants is gaming time. What do you get your loved one when your loved one is addicted to his Xbox?! Today on the blog I share with you some ideas to treat your other half to, this Feb 14th.

The Personalised Gift

Personalised gifts seem to be the thing at the moment. You name it, you can personalise it. And this is the case for a new site I discovered that I feature on the blog today – Mr Nutcase.

I can’t say I’ve fully personalised things in the past but I had a lot of fun personalising my very own “me and b make tea” branded latte mug. Yes I know I don’t drink coffee but I can still enjoy a lemon tea or hot chocolate in this very cute mug. It came in handy last week when I drank loads of lemon and ginger tea to treat a rubbish cold!

me and b mug latte valentines gift
Cute hey?!

The process of customising my mug was super easy and I’d ordered it within a few minutes. I provided a high-res image and it has come out really well. I thought it might feel “grainy” – do you know what I mean?

Some personalised gifts are literally just a “stick on” of an image. But this isn’t grainy at all and the finish looks really great.

latte mug me and b make tea valentines gifts

You can personalise literally anything from iPhone cases to alcohol. I tried a craft beer for the hubby and he was impressed with the label and most importantly the contents 🙂 Again, the process was quick and easy and you could add your own message.

personalised beer from mr nutcase valentines gift ideas

The Useful gift

I love a useful gift. I’m not one for tat and crap if I’m being honest. I like things that are consumed or used. So next on my list of ideas – smellies. Yes some might say they are boring and completely obvious but they are useful. Today I’d like to give a shout out to St Kitts Herbery, based in Cornwall.

st kitts herbery shower gel bergamont and rosemary

I first came across their products when we stayed at a B&B in Torquay with the little man. This was years ago now but since then, I’ve purchased quite a few things from St Kitts Herbery. I love the Rosemary and Bergamont shower gel. It smells divine and is worth the price, which, when you compare it to other things on the high-street, isn’t that much.

The Treat Gift

Ah the treat gift. And why not ey. If I were made of money I’d whisk mr D off to Bibury in the Cotswolds to stay in the little cottage again. But I’m not made of money so he will have to settle with a new bottle of whiskey. And I’m sure he will be happy.

valentines gift ideas for awkward partners what to get ideas inspiration

The Practical Gift

Why waste money on stuff they don’t want ey? The practical gift in our house is Microsoft points. The hubby can redeem them on his Xbox as and when he wants to.

valentines gift ideas for awkward partners what to get ideas inspiration

The “I’m out of CASH” Gift

Want to treat your other half to something thoughtful but short of cash? The best gifts are always the thoughtful ones in my opinion. If this was the 1990’s I’d suggest making a “mix tape” but since we are in 2017 I give you the “Spotify playlist”.

Yep that’s correct, compile a playlist of all your fave tunes and tracks and settle down to a night of reminiscing and singing along to a bottle of wine. Perfect evening.

The Card

And finally, Valentine’s wouldn’t be Valentine’s without a card right? If you’re looking for inspiration and something a bit different from the same old, then I’m loving these cards at Made With Love Designs.

valentines cards reviews me and b make tea

So there we go, a little round up of cute ideas for Valentine’s. I hope you have a fab one, whatever you do!

Valentine's Gift Guide for Awkward Partners!

*Disclaimer: I was provided the mug and beer from Mr Nutcase for the purpose of this Valentine’s gift guide. All opinions are my own and honest.



  1. Really great gift ideas! I read the Spotify suggestion and I was going to comment saying, “Spotify & Wine sounds better than Netflix & Chill” then I scrolled down and saw the Netflix & Chill card. Haha. Listening to playlist together is a wonderful idea though as are all the others! And that mug is adorable!!

  2. Yes! I wanted to create a YouTube playlist for my last Valentine in homage to the “mixed tape” we all used to love. Unfortunately that never worked out. lol

    I love your suggestions! Hopefully one day I’ll have someone to use these suggestions with. 🙂

    XO Steph

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