Decorating Tips for People who Don’t Decorate!

decorating ideas and tips for people with no diy skills

Hello and welcome! If you are a regular reader, you might remember that we moved house last July. It only took two years to find our forever home! The little man settled fairly quickly thank goodness but now we need to get decorating.

When we moved in, there was quite a lot of decorating that we wanted to do. Now let me be clear, me and the hubby are not very “hands-on” people.

Imagine sitting around binge watching Netflix – yep that is us. We are lazy at this type of stuff and we aren’t good when it comes to decorating. Stuff goes wrong and we try and cut corners…and well, that doesn’t really work.

Sound familiar?

Anyways, since we moved in last year, we have decorated and we’ve actually had some success! Check out our new lounge and check out the mud kitchen we made b last summer.

decorating ideas and tips for people with no diy skills

Today I share my tips for decorating when you don’t want to decorate.

Even though I don’t enjoy it, I do enjoy the sense of achievement that comes with completing a project. And for that reason in itself, I will continue to try and decorate! We have more projects coming up this year too so watch this space…

how to decorate when you cant diy home painting on a budget

Tip 1 – PLAN

I can’t stress this enough when it comes to decorating a room. Think about how you will use that room, how much light the room gets, if it is a north or south facing room. Think about where you will position furniture and think about any colour schemes. If you are hyper-organised, start a mood board and collect your colours and inspiration all in one place. I used to create mood boards out of paper. I now use Pinterest! You can follow me here for inspiration for bedrooms, guest rooms and bathrooms!

how to decorate when you cant diy home painting on a budget

Tip 2 – Good Prep

And by this I mean make sure you have everything you need to hand. There is no point getting up and saying “right, I’m gonna paint the hall” if you haven’t got paint, the right brushes, rollers and dust sheets. Get yourself down to Homebase, B&Q or Proper Job and pick up some bits and bobs before you start. I find there is nothing worse than starting a project and realising five minutes into it that I need to go out again. It sets me into a real bad mood. I like to almost over-buy to ensure I don’t need to go to the shops AGAIN.

how to decorate when you cant diy home painting on a budget

Tip 3 – Don’t skimp on the coats of paint

I know, I know, painting is dull and it takes forever. But trust me, if you have a dark wall, pop an undercoat of brilliant white underneath and pop a few coats on. It really makes all the difference to the finish.

how to decorate when you cant diy home painting on a budget tape

Tip 4 – Ditch the masking tape

I used to spend the first day literally going round the whole room with a reel of bloody masking tape. This task in itself put me off decorating. Day one – room covered in tape. It just didn’t give me a sense of achievement. If I want to paint a room, I want to paint it today, not faff about with bloody tape. So get yourself down to one of the DIY shops and buy a “cutting in tool” – basically a 30cm piece of plastic. A sales guy recommended it to me in Homebase and honestly, it is the best decorating tool I ever purchased! You just slide it along the ceiling and PAINT! And you have insta-results

decorating ideas and tips for people with no diy skills


how to decorate when you cant diy home painting on a budget

Tip 5 – Be patient

I’m not overly patient. After having the little man, my patience has somewhat improved but things like decorating can easily set me off into a rage. I am a perfectionist too and if I can’t do it right first time, it just isn’t worth bothering with. So with all that in mind, try and be patient! It will come and you can build up a few basic skills. If you follow tips one and two then these massively help with this tip haha!

how to decorate diy on a budget tips and tricks for people who dont like decorating

Tip 6 – Stay positive

So you got some paint on the ceiling and the wallpaper you put up ripped at the bottom a bit. Wet wipes are very handy for wiping off  wet paint and large vases and those twiggy arrangements are perfect for hiding a wallpaper fail 😉


If you still don’t fancy trying the above then my biggest tip is to outsource where you can. Me and hubby work. We are not overly DIY minded and we are lazy. This is why we had someone come in to do our new bathroom and why we had the brother-in-law build our stunning new fireplace. If you want a job done well and don’t feel confident tackling it yourself then find someone who can do it for you 🙂

Don’t forget to share these wonderful tips on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter! Share with me your DIY tips, tricks an mishaps in the comments below!

decorating ideas and tips for people with no diy skills

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  1. amazing post!!!!!! Hi I am Samia!!! A DIY blogger n a decprator!! Love your blog! This is the year I got over my design fears as well N did some major design improvement even the post on budget decorating!!!!

  2. Hello Emma, wow! You have shared amazing and very useful tips. These are the nice tips to decorate our house. I liked all the tips. Thanks for sharing this blog!

  3. Your title drew me right in! 🙂 The only problem I have with the cutting in tool (they are ingenious) is that I tend to get paint on it and somehow wind up smearing lines of the paint where I don’t want it. 🙁 I’m hopeless… Nice to see you on #KCACOLS!

  4. Totally agree with planning ahead!!! When we bought our house 3 years ago we picked a theme and a couple of paint colors that worked well together and our house feels cohesive – though after 3 years here with 4 boys it’s time to paint again and we’re going to change things up!!! # KCACOLS

  5. Having a hard time choosing art to hang on busy wall paper. I have the gold hygge and west petal pusher in master. Do you have any tips how to make it? Thanks.

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