Going Back to Work After Maternity Leave – 5 Things That Helped!

going back to work after maternity and depression anxiety hours what to expect

When I had little b, I knew I wanted to go back to work after maternity leave. At first I wasn’t sure how long I wanted to take off. Did you know instantly you wanted a full year?

Before b was born, I had it set in my mind that I’d want to go back to work after 6 months. The reality was very different. I can hear you chuckling! I did want to return to work. There was no way I could be a stay at home parent. I just don’t have the patience or stamina.

going back to work after maternity leave and things that helped keep me happy

Before I had little b, I was really anxious that becoming a mum would mean I ultimately would lose part of my identity. The bit that makes me “me”.

How do we define ourselves?

Daughter, sister, wife, friend, colleague, mother. I just didn’t want to be this “mum” stereotype that I had in my head. And in all honesty, now that I am three years in, I am MUM. Whatever that means. And I love being mum.

I also like being marketer, creator, writer and anything else I set my mind to.

It was certainly tough going back to work after having nearly a year off. Once I’d gotten into the swing of things and found a routine that worked, I started to enjoy it again.

Here are some of the things that helped me make the transition from maternity to work as painless as possible:

going back to work after maternity and depression anxiety hours what to expect

Using my Keep in Touch (KIT) days. I used one every month after the first three months. This helped me keep up-to-date with what was going on at work. It also gave me this feeling of being more than mummy while I was on maternity.

going back to work after maternity and depression anxiety hours what to expect

Going back part time. I say part time but I still work four days out of five and I work most evenings. I have Friday with my little dude and we call these mummy and b days.

going back to work after maternity and depression anxiety hours what to expect

Getting stuck in as soon as I got back to work. I didn’t really want to faff about with settling myself back in. I just wanted to crack on as if I had never been away. I planned a trip out to the States and I tried to get involved with as much as possible.

going back to work after maternity and depression anxiety hours what to expect

Making the most of the time I have with b. I only have Friday off with b so I always try to plan something to do. I’d also make an effort to plan our weekends to the nth degree. I’ve stopped doing this so much now and try to just go with the flow a bit more!


Finding a good routine. At first, Mr d would leave the house just after 7 and I’d get up, get myself dressed then sort out b. As b got older (and more trying!), my quick morning routine soon became a bit of a faff. Mr d typically gets b ready now while I get ready and then I sort out b with his breakfast and drop him at nursery. This routine is fine but I miss picking out b’s clothes most days! I used to set them out the night before but Mr d would often miss them anyway. B always ends up in mismatched colours and whatnot. Neither b or d care though so maybe I shouldn’t!

Did you take maternity or paternity leave? Did you find it tough getting back into a routine once back at work? Or did you decide not to go back? Feel free to share your own experiences with me in the comments below 🙂

going back to work after maternity and depression anxiety hours what to expect


  1. I had 2 jobs when I got pregnant! One was my own business, that was just starting to pick up. I definitely wanted the full year off my other job, and took it! I worked as late as I could with my own business, and went back when coco was around 3 months, if it wasn\’t such a physical job I would have had less time off. But with my business I could strap her too me and she was with me the whole time. I hated going back to my other job, and quit 6 ish months later, mainly due to childcare costs. I had to pick up a Sunday job for a while for extra money (left that job now – yay!)I like working as I love my job, it\’s mine, to give up all my hard work building it up would be heartbreaking. Good for you keeping yourself as well as being mum. Whether it be through work or other things I think it\’s important to have an identity alongside mum.

  2. I was off for 10 months, which included 4 weeks (she was 2 weeks late!) before my ragamuffin was born. I also had always fully intended to return to work after she came along but when the time came I didn’t realise how difficult I would find it. The first day back was exhilarating I felt like I was Kim again not just ragamuffin’s mummy, but the novelty soon wore off.
    I also returned to work 4 days a week from 5, with Wednesday being our day off together. Routines do help, but ragamuffin didn’t get the memo and is very trying when the time comes for her to get dressed of a morning, so they often go out of the window.

    • it def takes a while to settle in to the new routine doesn’t it. I went back 4 days and had Fridays off. my son is at school now and Fridays are awesome !!

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