Rocking Motherhood – Are You?!

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I love a blogging tag – it gives me a good reason to put pen to paper when I’m not feeling it! So thank you Angela for nominating me as part White Camelia’s ‘Rocking Motherhood Tag’. If you haven’t checked out Angela’s blog then you should do here – Life, Motherhood and Everything and find out why she is rocking motherhood too! The Rocking Motherhood Tag is exactly that – a list of ten things I think I rock at. Hmm, so things I actually think I’m good at in terms of being a mother (takes a large sip of wine while thinking!).

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OK here goes:

  1. I’ve pushed myself more than I ever thought. Having a baby was a difficult time for me, for a number of reasons I’m not going to go into here. I’m really proud with how far I’ve come and how I’ve coped with some of the situations that have been thrown at me. I always thought I’d run and hide away. I’ve also tried to push myself to do things that are outside of my comfort zone too. So I went down a waterslide at Haven last year and I make an effort on soft play now. I know it sounds trivial but I used to find anything high or slidey a bit scary!
  2. I’ve learnt patience. Trust me, sometimes I have none, but on the whole, having the little man has taught me that I have more patience than I ever believed I did. I often find myself singing “let it go, let it go”, while some ridiculousness is happening all around me.
  3. I make food fun for him when I have time. The reason I started me and b make tea was to make healthy food fun for b. This whole blog is dedicated to him!
  4. I am an awesome Lego builder. And I proved my skills today! B was impressed with my droid, space ship and cruiser.
  5. I rock at motherhood, because I dedicate every bloody evening and snippet of spare time to him on this blog. Blogging has given us opportunities we might not have had otherwise. It has opened up my eyes and mind and found me a happier place.
  6. I believe I’m handling work and mummy tasks pretty well…the hubby might disagree! I love working though and I feel like I have the right work/mum balance right now.
  7. I’m a softie when it comes to him waking in the night. Sure it is frustrating at times but I absolutely love a snuggle and on the whole I’m super patient with b in the night. Mr D is a right grizzle grump but I don’t mind the cuddles.
  8. I am super organised and even more so now that I have the little man in my life. I’ve always been organised but since having b, organization has taken a whole new level. I’m proud of that!
  9. If I’m clothes shopping, I come home with more for b than for me! Which is why I look pants most of the time and my son looks fine.
  10. I make him sandwiches before bed, even though he has eaten tea and I know he doesn’t need to eat. He says he’s hungry…who am I to say otherwise?!

So there you are, what I think I’m rocking…to be honest I found it hard to come up with ten things :/ Who would like to be nominated?! Hands up! I nominate the following if they haven’t been nominated already!

Laura at Dear Bear and Beany

Cherly at Tea or Wine

and Kirsty at Winnettes

If you want to have a go but haven’t been nominated then please accept my post as an invite too 🙂 Tag me on social media as I’d love to read your answers : )

White Camelia’s Rocking Motherhood Tag mum bloggers tips tricks reviews


  1. You sound like a rockin\’ person. I love all that you do. You are like superwoman like my mom is. I like making food fun too. Could never follow a recipe because I am always trying to interject something into it that I think might make it better. LOL!

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