5 Fun Ways to Get Your Child to Try Vegetables!

5 fun ways to get your child kid toddler to eat veg vegetables veggies fussy picky eater recipe ideas

We’ve been lucky with b in that he likes eating vegetables. I know so many parents that really struggle with getting their kids to try veggies though. To be fair I didn’t like a lot of veg when I was a kid. I think I ate peas and that was about it. I can’t really say what we did or didn’t do to encourage b to eat veg. He’s just eaten it. We’ve been lucky is what we’ve been. I have no secret tips and tricks I’m afraid. And for the record we didn’t do baby-led weaning or purees exclusively. I used purees at first (a mix homemade and sachets) and then moved on to soft, finger food veg like broccoli, carrot, green beans, sweet potato, swede. A bit of everything to be honest. If you want to read more about our weaning journey then take a nose here.

If you struggle with veg then what about wasting spending all your spare time making mini works of art out of it?! Here are some of my fun ways to entice your little ones to try their veg! I also recommend taking a look at the book “Vegetables for Tea and Milk for Me” by Caroline Knox. It is a super cute book all about the benefits of eating your veg. My son really enjoys me reading this to him!

Vegetables for Tea and Milk for Me Paperback by Caroline Knox review

First up is our “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” roast dinner. If your little one loves the book then why not try arranging your roast dinner and eat your way through the story? I know it sounds bonkers but this worked with little b when he entered a fussy stage at age 2 or so. He’d become obsessed with the story and that’s what inspired me.

“We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” roast dinner fussy toddler meals ideas healthy veggies vegetables

Next is another cute take on a classic roast dinner – Cauldrons. I basically serve dinner inside mini Yorkshire puddings. I do like to make my own yorkies and you can find our very cool recipe here. But this time I cheated and Aunt Bessie helped me out. I popped some veggies, a slice of sausage and gravy inside the yorkie. I used a carrot stick for “stirring”. I made this meal back in Halloween, but you could call them treasure chests or something like that anytime of the year.

cauldron roast dinner fussy toddler meals ideas healthy veggies vegetables

Another one of my favourite takes on a roast dinner are these quack quack chickens. Last year I took part in the A-Z blogging challenge, which basically saw me make a fun food meal every day during April. Q was quack quack chicken dinner. We took a regular roast chicken dinner and turned it into cute chickies. Slices of chicken and a few peas work well.

roast dinner fussy toddler meals ideas healthy veggies vegetables

Next on our fun food veggies quest is this mashed potato sheep. We made him around Easter time and b loved him. B has always been a bit fussy with potato. Unless it’s a chip, he just isn’t interested. But weren’t we all like that till erm…mid-twenties?! Here we shape our mash into a sheep and add bean legs and pea eyes. Simple.


And finally our last fun meal are these cute palm trees made of sausages, mash and veg. Again, it didn’t take long to present B’s meal like this, yet it had maximum impact!


Have you tried any “fun” food ideas with your little ones? Do you have any tricks for getting your kids to try veggies? I have to sneak veg in for the hubby!

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5 fun ways to try vegetables veggies kids child fussy eater picky toddlers


  1. This is a really great post. I don\’t have children now but I\’m sure I\’ll encounter some in the future. That book looks really great.

    With older children I recommend making sure the vegetables are well seasoned. Nobody likes plain cooked veggies, not even adults.

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