Top 5 Me and B Make Tea Blog Posts of 2016!

blog top posts of the year best review me and b make tea fun food for children maternity mummy blogger

Hello and welcome to another January day. I really hope it’s a good one for you. I used to get really down during January. I felt miserable that Christmas was over and I felt fed up because of the cold, dreary days. I don’t feel so down about January any more. My secret – having little b keep me busy and also my more positive outlook on life since June 2015. I’ve been trying really hard to just be more content and go with the flow – rather than expect perfection and miracles all the bloody time. I’m really trying to be OK with the norm. 2016 was personally a great year for me professionally and personally. My career has been going well and my blog has really taken off. I feel like I achieved a lot of what I wanted to do in 2016.

Today I round up my top 5 blog posts, based on views through the year. Did you read these posts in 2016? If not, take a look –they are my top posts after all and you wouldn’t want to miss out 😉 Also talking about cool blog posts…if you fancy voting for me in the TribalChat Awards this Jan, please take a look here. Now you can vote for me in 3 categories so don’t go mad and just enter my name into each 😉

Anyways back to the point of this post – a look at my top 5 posts in 2016…

In FIFTH place: Travelling with a Potty Training Toddler”. We’ve all been there – or we will be. And it’s never fun is it. Here are my tips for a dry journey.

potty training toddler tips and tricks parenting ideas how to reviews

In FOURTH place: “How to Make a Mud Kitchen”. Now the credit for this should really go to Mr D. He made the mud kitchen, not me. When we moved into our new house in July, there were a load of built-in wardrobes we took out. Instead of just binning the wood, the hubby decided to make B a mud kitchen. Now for any regular man this would be fairly simple. You have to keep in mind though that my husband is more “destroy it yourself” rather than “do it yourself”. So for him to plan, measure and actually make a fully functional mud kitchen…well, it was a bloody muddy miracle!!

how to make a mud kitchen using old wood recycle old wardrobe upcycle toddler kids toy garden

In THIRD place is a bit of a random post, and one I just popped out there while I was hungover. I’d basically been to a mate’s house for a Tropic Skincare party. I drank plenty of wine and purchased near on the whole blinking catalogue. I wrote up a short review about what I thought of the products. It wasn’t sponsored and it was way before I even knew you could do sponsored posts on a blog! How naive ey. But this little write-up turned out to be in my top 3 most viewed posts of 2016. Goodness knows why but it makes me think I should be blogging about beauty stuff more!

tropic skin care review tried and tested eye gel cloth cleanser face

In SECOND place is “5 Baby Items I wouldn’t use Again”. I imagine most people who read this probably DID buy those items at some point. It’s only after you’ve tried things for yourself that you think, yep that’s sh*t or nope, that was a lifesaver. Everyone has their likes and dislikes when it comes to items for bubba.

5 Baby Items I wouldn’t use Again maternity parenting mother mummy reviews

And in FIRST place we have “Maternity Leave: Expectation vs. Reality”. This post was my most viewed post in 2016, by more than double the second most viewed post. I can only guess why but I imagine it resonates with a lot of mums on maternity, or who have been on maternity. It just wasn’t all it was cracked up to be for me!

5 Baby Items I wouldn’t use Again maternity parenting mother mummy reviews maternity leave reality

If you enjoyed any of these posts then be sure to share and pin for later 🙂

blog top posts of the year best review me and b make tea fun food for children maternity mummy blogger


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