6 Business and Marketing Blogs You Should Read Now!

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As a parenting blogger I read parenting blogs and as a marketing manager at a software company I read business and marketing blogs. I find there is a lot of crossover with the articles I read for work, and what I am doing here with the blog. I thought I’d share with you my favourite business and marketing blogs. Here is my list that I would recommend any parent blogger, or any blogger for that matter, to take a look at in 2017:

Hubspot Blog

If you aren’t aware of the Hubspot blog then I’d highly recommend taking a look.

Hubspot is basically a marketing and sales platform that can do a million more things than I’m going to go into. I love their blog because they feature articles on content marketing, search engine optimisation, email marketing, writing – basically everything I’m really interested in!

They have some fantastic articles about SEO and keyword research – relevant for pretty much anyone trying to get their stuff found online!

best top review business marketing seo content blogs editors write ups information tips

Hootsuite Blog

If you have any interest in social media outside of updating your Facebook profile then I recommend having a look at the Hootsuite blog. There are too many useful articles to list but think Facebook live, useful call to actions and content creation. If you have a small business or run a blog and want to promote your content online then this is the blog to read

Moz Blog

If you own a website then you may already be aware of Moz and their free SEO tools for monitoring things like Domain Authority. I’ve become a little obsessed with checking mine each month. If you haven’t checked out the Moz blog though then I recommend doing so. They have some interesting posts on SEO and social media.

best top review business marketing seo content blogs editors write ups information tips moz hubspot


I came across this blog when searching online for the best business blogs. I really like the content they write and their tips and tips on everything from SEO, websites, content creation and inbound marketing.

Manage by Walking Around

Another blog I enjoy reading is Manage By Walking Around, written by Jonathan Becher, Chief Digital Officer at software giant, SAP. I came across this blog a few years ago as part of my day job. I really like it because Jonathan writes about why people do the things they do, behaviour, psychology and  marketing – again, things I am interested in. I particularly like this blog post – Reading more is the secret to better writing.

best top review business marketing seo content blogs editors write ups information tips jonathan becher blog

Quick Sprout

And finally to round off my list of favourite business blogs, I’ve included Quick Sprout. This blog is all about improving and growing your website – something that I am super interested in because I run two of my own websites and I also manage the website at work.

I love the blog because it has everything you need to help with domain authority and SEO. I really like this article about how to improve your website’s DA.

So there we have it, six blogs I like to read to help me blog better. If I really thought about it, I could probably increase this list to ten. Are there any business or marketing blogs that you enjoy reading? What would you recommend? Please share with me in the comments.

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best top review business marketing seo content blogs editors write ups information tips

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  1. wow this is so super interesting and useful! thank you! Have just subscribed to the manage by walking around – looks like some fab advice by jonathon. So many of the terms in serious blogging go over my head but I guess that if I\’m to become a serious blogger then I really need to sit up and pay more attention so thank you for the nudge in the right direction x #fortheloveofBLOG

  2. What a great article. I went through and looked at all the blogs and found things I was very interested in taking a closer look at and subscribed to most. Thanks for the tips!

  3. I must say I haven\’t heard about any of these before so I will definitely save them to check out later. I plan to up my game this year so need all the help I can get. Thanks for sharing.

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