My Top Five! KCACOLS Linky Blog Posts You Should Read – Dec 17 2016

my top 5 kcacols blog linky posts review a moment with franca

Happy New Year and welcome back to my top 5 blog posts from the KCACOLS Linky. This is only my second collection of favourite posts but it brings together 5 posts from the final KCACOLS link up of 2016. It’s been so much fun linking up each week and it’s been great getting to know so many other talented bloggers.

It seems funny writing about posts that I read a couple of weeks ago – and many posts that were Christmas themed. I feel like I should be moving on now from Christmas! Again, it was really hard to choose from the ones that I read and the ones that caught my eye.

  1. The first post that hit home was one by Ordinary Hopes. I’ve been following Rachel’s blog for a while now and been trying to share her posts when I can. It seems absolutely crazy that her son, Adam, was unable to attend a Christmas party because they couldn’t accommodate his disability. The party was specifically arranged for children with disabilities. It seems a lot more thought needs to go into future events to make sure everyone is included and not left to feel excluded.

my top 5 kcacols blog linky posts review a moment with franca mummy parenting blog lifestyle

  1. The next post had me giggling because I can just imagine the ten types of school play parent that Crummy Mummy describes here. I have yet to experience the school play but I just know there will be these parent types there. Me and Mr D will be the early bird. We have an annoying tendency to get to things too early :/
  1. The next post I enjoyed was “The first time you leave your kids” by Mummy Tam Tam. I can relate to this because I’ve had to leave B for work on a number of occasions. And it was tough but on the flip side, I really enjoyed some of the freedom it gave me. Should I feel guilty for feeling like that? I can completely relate to Mummy Tam Tam’s feelings of “lightness” without all the baby paraphernalia!

my top 5 kcacols blog linky posts review a moment with franca mummy parenting blog lifestyle

  1. Another post that really resonated with me was one by iMummy Blog about being a mum and being lonely. I felt really lonely at times during my maternity leave. And bored. I often felt really bored. I really like the honesty in iMummy’s post and her call for mums to be honest with their emotions. Being a new mummy can be super tough and we need all the help we can get –even if that means admitting that yes, I’m lonely.

my top 5 kcacols blog linky posts review a moment with franca mummy parenting blog lifestyle

  1. Finally in my top 5 is a post by Max and Kai, “5 Tips for when you feel you’ve lost your blogging mojo”. I think as bloggers we all have that moment of self-doubt and despair. Sometimes I question why I bother with the blog and I often wonder if it’s all worth it. I then think back to the reasons why I started blogging. And that was basically because I love writing about the things I love! My boy, my husband, my family, friends and pets. I really love the tips Kris gives in this post and they are definitely a source of inspiration if you are having a blogging “moment” : )

So there we are. My top 5 KCACOLS posts to finish off 2016. Did you read any of these? What were your favourite posts on KCACOLS? I can’t wait to link up on January the 7th with some new, exciting content. I’m looking forward to discovering more great blogs this year too!

my top 5 kcacols blog linky posts review a moment with franca mummy parenting blog lifestyle



  1. Thank you so much for reading, sharing and caring.

    Just knowing that one more person understands more about disabilities and the needs of so many has made me feel like I have made a difference. Thank you for sharing and I hope it reaches more people and makes them think too.

    The story of Anne Wafula Strike has hit the news this week and people are shocked. Yet her story is something which is happening to hundreds of people every day and it makes me deeply sad.

    Thank you

    • Before i started blogging i didnt have any knowledge in terms of disability. So many posts have opened my eyes to issues that i never even realised were issues. I think a lot of the time it\’s because everyone is in their own little bubble of life. So any stories that help raise awareness and understanding are worth sharing xx

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