My Parenting Predictions for 2017!

parenting predictions for 2017 trends mummy parent bloggers

Now this is very much a tongue in cheek post that gives a shout out to every business blog I’ve read…the obligatory prediction and trend write-up. You literally can’t move at this time of year for trend and prediction blogs in the tech space. One thing is for sure, they typically feature a lot of the things that were predicted last year!

The biggest parenting trends we were supposed to have seen, as rounded up in Huff Post, include 3D foetus models, adopting a granny and dad’s filming labour. I can’t say I have any friends who have embraced those trends in 2016…have you?!

parenting predictions for 2017 trends mummy parent bloggers

Today I’m going to share with you my 2017 parenting predictions. Why you might ask? And why on earth do my predictions count for anything?! Well because it’s fun and it was something to do in the bit between post Christmas and pre New Year. And because I’m a mum and this is my little space to share my random thoughts on parenting.

Prediction 1
Debates will rage on as to what is best: breast vs. bottle, c-sections vs. vaginas, and puree vs. parboiled veg. It seems whatever we do as parents, there will be someone who disagrees. Basically if you’re a parent you can’t win. What I am hoping will come true in 2017 is that parents will support each other’s decisions more. People make decisions on various parenting aspects for so many different reasons which we may or may not understand. There needs to be less judgement and more support. Come on mums, we got this!

Prediction 2
Social media will mostly win at making us feel shit about our own lives. And I say this from a non-blogging perspective. I absolutely love social media more than ever since blogging but social media Facebook can be brilliant at bringing down our mood when we already feel pants. Remember that people don’t typically post about the shitty bits of life. Although it may seem that people are having the time of their lives, travelling the world with their angelic children, sometimes these status updates and photos don’t tell the whole story…

parenting predictions for 2017 trends mummy parent bloggers

Prediction 3
Parents will continue to allow their kids to play on iPads linked to their bank accounts. If you don’t know what I’m talking about here, take a look on any given day at the Mail Online. There’s always an article about a family who’s toddler racked up a thousand pound bill on some gaming app. These articles absolutely crack me up, because, haven’t parents learnt to password-protect the app store?! Apparently not. And it’s surprisingly easy not to do! We let our nephew play some Star Wars Lego app on Christmas Day and had no idea what he was buying. Oops. Watch out for our sad photo faces coming to a newspaper near you.

Prediction 4
The furore over term-time holidays will continue. It happens every year. Children go to school. Parents take children out of school. Parents get fined. I predict there will be more stories in 2017 around this, especially given the court case win in 2016 around what “regular attendance” really means. Linked to this, I predict the travel companies will continue to fleece parents with extortionate fees during the school holidays.

parenting predictions for 2017 trends mummy parent bloggers

Prediction 5
Parents in 2017 will want to know what’s going on in the news more than ever. What with Brexit and Trump, who knows what’s around the corner. I really feel like our future is more uncertain than ever and I don’t know about you but I want to be prepared for what’s in store over the coming years. I’ve started panic buying bottled water and bread. Joking. But seriously, I think the months and years ahead are going to be very interesting.

Prediction 6 
Food prices will increase off the back of Brexit and families will look at ways to save money more than ever. We are really fortunate in that we don’t have to worry about money right now. But I know very well that this might not be the case in the future, which is why I really try and watch the pennies and shop as smartly as possible. Don’t be under any illusion that I’m good at shopping. Popping into Morrisons twice per day does not equal smart shopping. I’m working on it…

Also linked to shopping…i predict Next sales will cease to exist by the end of 2017 and parents will be forced to pay full price or shop on eBay! Radio 4 interview this morning on my way into Bristol…it’s going to be a tough year for retail I fear.

parenting predictions for 2017 trends mummy parent bloggers

Prediction 7
All those sparkly new toys and super cool presents we splashed out on over Christmas will be forgotten by end of January and the kids will be bored screaming they are bored by Feb 1st ! Argh! Happy New Year!

So there we have it, my 7 parenting predictions for 2017. And if you really want to read the expert predictions for this year than take a peek here. Forest nursery, gender-neutral toys and Facebook live births – joking on the last one. Although I doubt very much the year will end without one !

Do you have the ability to see into the future and predict what parenting will look like in 2017? Please share away with me in the comments or on social media. And don’t forget to pin away so you can get this post out next January and say “ha, none of that happened!”

parenting predictions for 2017 trends mummy parent bloggers

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  1. I predict that all of your predictions will come true actually. If they haven\’t already! (Re. sparkly new toys especially!) Very well written! #ForTheLoveOfBlog

  2. I think you\’ve hit the nail on the head, all of these will come true I\’m sure, if only you could put a bet on! You\’d be quids in! Thank you for linking up with #fortheloveofBLOG

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