5 Fun Breakfast Ideas for Kids!

healthy childrens breakfast ideas toddlers weaning fun inspiration

Happy New Year! Me and B hope you had a fantastic Christmas and got everything you wanted and more : ) To kick off the New Year we will share a few of our favourite recipes and ideas from last year with you. Today we start with our favourite “healthy(ish!) breakfast ideas”.

If your fed up of cereal and toast then why not try out some of these cute ideas with your little ones.

First up we have Chia Cinnamon Granola. Chia seeds seem to be all the rage and they sneak into every recipe I see on Pinterest at the mo! I’m sure there are a gazillion chia granola recipes out there but I like this one because it is super quick and we pretty much just use what we have in. I like to improvise…

granola chia seed mix home made recipe

Next up we have Raw Apple Pie, using our yummy chia granola. If you make this for breakfast then you probably want to use yogurt instead of ice cream. Unless it’s one of those days! This is so easy to make and looks lovely in a glass. If you have a toddler prone to throwing glasses then maybe use something else :/

raw apple pie granola mix recipe clean eating

If you fancy a change to the traditional fry up then take a look at our Yogurt fried eggs. They are really easy to make using any yogurt and half an apricot.

yogurt and fruit fried poached egg breakfast fun toddlers weaning

Another chia recipe to try are these banana chia muffins. I love these muffins because the ingredients were pretty much what we had in the fridge, and what needed using up. We added in some mushy bananas and a couple of yogurts to substitute some of the eggs.

chia seed banana yogurt muffins recipe

Finally, if you feel like getting creative in the kitchen then check out these cute banana rockets for breakfast. They are easy to make and don’t take long at all. Promise!


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healthy childrens breakfast ideas toddlers weaning fun inspiration


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