The Top 10 Things I Did To Grow My Pinterest Traffic!

The Top 10 Things I Did To Grow My Pinterest Traffic for bloggers new tailwind tribes pingroupie groups boards how to tutorial

When I first started blogging I wasn’t really sure how or why Pinterest could help me drive traffic to my website. I’d always used Pinterest to store home décor and recipe ideas. Although my blog features food and recipes, I just didn’t really see how my pictures and posts would work on Pinterest. My preference was always Twitter and scheduling tools. I share my twitter tips and tool tips too!

Pinterest is now my TOP referrer!

As we near the end of the year, my view of Pinterest has completely changed and I’ve seen my traffic massively increase because of it. Things that have helped? Joining Tailwind and finding group boards on Pinterest.

tips tricks growing pinterest traffic to website

Here’s a list of 10 things I’ve which help increase my Pinterest traffic. I still have a long way to go but it’s a start! I also talk more about Tailwind and Canva and how both have really helped too!

1. Organise

I spent time organising my boards. And by organizing I mean I spent time updating board titles and descriptions to make sure they were keyword rich. I deleted some boards which weren’t relevant and I made sure to move pins to boards that made more sense. I did an overall Pinterest audit. It took time and effort but it’s been worth it.

I still have some clean up to do which includes making consistent board covers and breaking out my boards into sub categories. Basically so I can be as specific as possible. For example, instead of “DIY toddler crafts”, I could have DIY Toddler Christmas Crafts, Valentine Crafts, Salt Dough Crafts. You get the idea right?!

how to create pinterest boards and move them

2. “Best Of” Board

I created a Me and B Best of Board where I place all the pins that link back to me and b make tea. In theory this should make it easier for people to find content in one place and it also makes it easier for me to share content. I pinned the board to the top of my profile page and I include seasonal boards in the top row. You can quickly move boards by literally dragging and dropping them where you want them to go.

3. Tailwind

I use the paid  version of tailwind to schedule pins. I talk more in this post about how I use it to help me. If you are serious about Pinterest then I really recommend you take a look at tailwind. It’s yet another social media automation tool but it saves huge amounts of time in terms of finding content to pin, scheduling it and pinning it.

4. Schedule

Tailwind tells me the best time to pin content through the day based, on when my audience are most active. Easy peasy. I don’t want to bombard my audience with loads of pins all at once so I used the scheduler to drip-feed them through the day.

Want to find content to schedule? Why not schedule this one 😉

top ten things i did to grow my pinterest traffic

5. Tribes

I’ve joined a number of tailwind tribes and pin content from these daily. If you’re not familiar with this terms then basically they are groups within tailwind where you drop content for others to schedule or pin. Most of the groups have a few rules such as if you pin a piece of your content to the group, you schedule two other pieces. This works out well though as it means my scheduler is always full up with great ideas.

6. Facebook

I signed up to lots of Facebook Pinterest promo groups. There are literally loads and I did a lot of googling and searching to find them. I have a few faves and I regularly share content there, ask questions and help where I can too. My favourite groups are: PinTips and Pinterest Tailwind Tribes I recommend joining these groups and taking part in the threads.

7. Keywords

Think of Pinterest as another search engine. It needs keyword rich descriptions to give users the most relevant content. When pinning my own content, I’ve been careful to rewrite the pin descriptions. If you just pin and go, the description grabs the image alt-text, if you’ve used any. Usually this is a list of keywords or phrases relevant to my image. In terms of search, Pinterest likes descriptions that aren’t just stuffed with keywords. I try and write something a bit more personalised.

how to create pinterest boards and move them tutorial

8. Long Images!

Be sure to create images that are the right size for Pinterest – I explain how to here! My absolutely favourite design platform is Canva and the size recommendation there is 735px x 1102px.

Canva is easy to use and you can quickly reconfigure your images for Twitter, Facebook or for specific dimensions at the click of a button. Note this is using the paid version. In my opinion thought it is well worth it if you are regularly creating images for social media.

how to create pinterest boards move them keyword descriptions tutorial canva

and TEXT – be sure to include a text overlay on your images. Again this is easy to do with Canva. Here are some examples:

how to create pinterest boards move them keyword descriptions tutorial

9. Ask people to pin

One thing I started doing was simply asking people to pin my content. And by that I mean asking them at the end of a blog post. I typically invite my reader to share my content if the enjoyed it. I also join a number of Facebook blogging groups where people ask a favour and you reciprocate their favour. And of course, why not pin this one?!

tips tricks growing pinterest traffic to website

10. Group Boards

I’ve joined a number of group boards that I now collaborate on. Now this point is probably deserving of a whole blog post but to summarise, a group board is where you can pin content along with other collaborators. There are hundreds of group boards and I used PinGroupie to find some boards to reach out to. I also used Facebook groups to find group boards to join. I simply asked – parenting blogger looking for group boards to join! This has worked for me in terms of getting content re-pinned and also for finding other content to share. Win win!

Do you want to drive traffic with Pinterest?

There are my top 10 things I’ve done to drive traffic to my blog using Pinterest. I still have a way to go and there is more I could do with this platform – for example I haven’t discussed Rich Pins here.

Do you use Pinterest? Have you used tailwind? Perhaps you are a Pinterest master and have more tips and tricks for me?! Be sure to share in the comments or on my regular social media channels! And of course, don’t forget to pin this to refer to again later!

The Top 10 Things I Did To Grow My Pinterest Traffic for bloggers new tailwind tribes pingroupie groups boards how to tutorial

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  1. Thanks for these tips! I\’m working on improving my Pinterest account for my blog and while I do incorporate some of these practices, I\’ve learned a lot of new ones here. I\’m also going to try out the Facebook groups you linked here. Thanks!!

  2. Such great advice! I will have to see if I can fit asking into the end of my blog posts, but we\’ll see. I don\’t use Tailwind right now, but I joined the other FB group thanks to your suggestion. I also am a part of Pinterest Pals, which I just heard of. Hoping that helps me a bit!

  3. I love Pinterest for personal use but for me I don\’t find it that useful for my blog. I do use it for how to type posts but as I rarely wrote craft or recipe posts, it isn\’t that good for me. It\’s an excellent tool for anyone that does though!
    Thanks for linking up to #BloggerClubUK 🙂

  4. Loving these tips. I think I have tied about 8 of these bit I do need to spend more time on Pinterest, but I am starting to see the results. Off to Oin this post now! #BloggerClubUK

  5. This is great for beginning bloggers who want to start to branch out using pinterest! I love your post & I will definitely check out these resources you\’ve provided. Thank you!

  6. I\’ve started working with Pinterest this year for my business and it\’s surprised me in how powerful it\’s become for blog traffic. I\’ve started using Board Booster and now you\’ve inspired me to checkout Tailwind. AND the Facebook groups. I\’ve been so busy with other FB groups, I didn\’t consider Pinterest-related groups. So thank you!

  7. Really useful and somethings that is on my list of things I want to work harder at. I\’ve toued with stumping up to tailwind but just hanging fire till I can afford to pay for it!! Soon! #triballove

  8. Pinterest was one of my goals last year that I never got around to. So it\’s back on the list for 2017! I will check out Tailwind & some of your other tips. It\’s always challenging to learn the ins & outs & tricks to a new network. Thanks for sharing your useful tips! Thanks so much for joining us at #BloggerClubUK

  9. It\’s the one on the top of everyone\’s blog goals this year isn\’t it? And I\’ve even got a vlog on this in my new series but there was so much to cover we ended up with two videos that need massive shortening! I\’ll admit Pinterest terrifies me. Well done for just grabbing the bull by the horns. #bloggerclubuk

  10. Some really good tips here and I was doing really well and then I found it was another thing that I had to think about and I didn\’t have time. I really need to get back into and I need to pin this fab post! Thanks for sharing 🙂 #FortheloveofBLOG

  11. some really great tips here. I have been using Pinterest before I even started blogging, way back when it first came out and only a few people used it. It’ my main source of traffic too, but I really need to organise it and sort all my boards out #TwinklyTuesday

  12. This is a really handy post. I’ve never really got Pinterest and is something I’ve wanted to look into so I will be bookmarking this post to come back to. Thanks for sharing. #twinklytuesday

  13. Thanks for the tips! I’ve emailed this to myself so I can make a careful study of it on a quieter day. I still haven’t figured out the whole Pinterest thing and need all the help I can get! (Comment Luv isn’t working, still circling, so I’m going to uncheck the box and see if comment will post.)

  14. very helpful post! I’ve implemented a lot of these changes already, now if I could only figure out Tailwind! I just signed up through your link, but it seems like a lot to figure out to get it completely automated!

    • Hehe I just wrote a tailwind beginners guide to. Should be on my homepage 🙂 need to update this post with it now!! Thanks for reading and I’m plsd it helps!

  15. These are some great, great tips!!! Honestly, I really need to put more focus and effort into growing my Pinterest, and this is such a great start! Thanks for sharing <3

  16. Hey can I ask a question? In the past two days I have reached out to several blog relevant boards that I’d like to join, mostly by tagging the board leader in a picture on the board and introducing myself and asking to join, unless there were other instructions BUT I have not heard back from a single one! Am I doing it wrong? Is this normal? Does it take a few days? I’m a little worried, do you have any advice at all? If you have the time?

    • I also started this way and didn’t have much luck. What did help was joining some pinterest facebook groups. I think I mentioned some in the posts. there I posted a question on the wall saying im looking for parenting boards to join. also I find tailwind tribes really good for sharing content and finding new content. I write about this in the tailwind post on my blog. my fave groups are Pinning Aint Easy. Pin tips and Pinterest pals. hope that helps? x

  17. Thank you so much for sharing. I have so much to learn! I will definitely take some time and implement your suggestions. I have a small blog (I’m a preschool teacher in South Africa) and I am sure I am the only person who is pinning from my site. At the moment it feels like a mountain that I have to climb in front of me.

    • hehe it def takes a while for sure. my pinterest is slowly growing. im always looking for things to pin so feel free to share your blog address and I will take a read. especially anything pre-school related as my son is nearly 4! thanks for reading 🙂

  18. Thanks for the post! I’m really struggling to find value in Pinterest when everyone keeps saying how amazing it is. I will need to give it a second go with your tips!

  19. Thanks for all of the great advice ! I’m getting overwhelmed trying to get my Pinterest jewelry concept up and going. You have a very friendly way of explain things

  20. I didn’t even realize this post was from 2016, I pinned your post. I am considering Tailwind. I know it is highly recommended. I have requested to join several group boards. I have added a note to ask people to pin or share my posts. I have started to organize, there is so much to do. I need to look into board covers and better keywording on my boards too.

  21. This is such a handy post, thank you for sharing.

    I’ve spent the day tidying my Pinterest up today and I’m really pleased but it was hard work x

  22. These are some great tips! I have tailwind but hardly use it. I think I could definitely benefit from using that as well as some Facebook Pinterest groups!

    Thanks for sharing!

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