The Me and B 2017 Bucket List!

making new year family resolutions sticking to them bucket list

It’s that time of the year for resolutions and goals, aims and the like. I’m not typically a resolution type person. I never stick to them and I hate the pressure of making such a huge commitment such as exercising every day or cutting out sugar. It’s just not viable and I just know I won’t stick to it. I believe these sort of things need to be handled in bite-size pieces. Well they do for me anyway!

So the point of this post is to put together a 2017 Bucket List for me, B and Mr D. A list of the things I’d like us to achieve and do this year. I figured if I write them down, I might stick to them. You can hold me accountable this time next year 😉

So what’s on the me and b bucket list?

•  First up, I want to get out and walk more in our local area. We do walk and we go out every now and again but I really want to get out more. There are so many lovely places to walk in our area and 2017 is the year we explore more.

• To make more of the M4. I know this sounds ridiculous but we go to my parents every couple of months or so and we trundle up and down the M4. It is completely dull. I’m sick of stopping at Membury services for a Maccy D’s. This year I vow to seek out interesting places to stop on our way back from mum and dads, with the help of the Baby Routes Blog. Our best buddies live near Reading so there is no excuse for a stop off at Dinton Pastures next time we are up that way. We’ve cracked travel with a potty training child now so it’s much easier too!

• To go away away. And when I mean away, I mean abroad, not just another Haven holiday. Don’t get me wrong, we love our trips to Haven but I really want to take the little man abroad before he starts school in September. We have our eye on Majorca or Menorca. Basically somewhere with a shortish flight time and warm weather. Any tips or suggestions are most welcome.

We went to Lanzarote when B was nine months. In true “sods law” style, B was ill the whole time. We managed a few days out and I love this family selfie:

making new year family resolutions sticking to them bucket list

• To make the most of Bristol this spring and summer. There are often so many free events along the harbourside, such as the Festival of Nature which we visited last summer.  I really want to keep a look out and make the most of these events in 2017.

• Take the little guy swimming more. Before I had b I really wanted to take him swimming lots and make sure he was confident in the water. And I just haven’t. B came along and the thought of taking a baby swimming, ALONE, was just awful. Mr D and I take him every now and again. Basically on a Sunday, if it rains. I’d like to try and take him more often though – even if I aimed for once or twice per month. I’ve never been a fan of swimming and I’ve never been confident in the water. I want B to be the complete opposite of me when it comes to water!

making new year family resolutions sticking to them bucket list

• And finally on the me and b bucket list for 2017, we aim to do more fun food! And I want to get b involved in the fun food making too, not just the eating! So think more BB8 sarnies and more Thomas the Tank Engine snacks!

making new year family resolutions sticking to them bucket list fun food fussy eater toddlers picky

So there we have it, a little list of things we want to do in 2017. Travel, eat, swim and explore. Not all at the same time though!

What’s on your 2017 bucket list? Do you have things you really really want to do next year? Or are you more of a “go with the flow” type person? I like to have a few ideas to get us going and keep me focused.

Share your 2017 bucket list in the comments with me or on social media. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for more fun food photos and ideas 🙂

making new year family resolutions sticking to them bucket list



  1. Sounds like a good bucket list we don\’t really have one as a family just to cherish all of our little girls little developments 😃 we are doing an all inclusive in Menorca in May though so can report back!

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