What Being a MUM Really Means!

what it means to be a mum appreciation family love parenting woes difficulties

This is a different type of post to what I usually write. And it was sparked by a text I received by my mum earlier this week. I won’t go into detail but my mum hasn’t been very well for the last couple of months. She’s in pain and been in and out of hospitals for various tests, resulting in few answers.

I gave my mum a ring during my lunch break earlier this week and she filled me in on the latest. She then text me, apologizing to have worried me and told me she hadn’t said anything to my sister as she knew we were both busy. And sure, we are busy. But it made me sad to think that my mum thought we were too busy to talk to her. I think my sister would agree too.

And my mum’s text got me thinking that I never really appreciated my mum fully until I became a mum myself. I guess it’s just something you take for granted as a kid. I didn’t realise the impact becoming a parent has on your life. It’s only when I had the little man that I understood what it meant to be a mum. I understood the things I’d sacrifice or put on hold and I understood the challenges that motherhood brings. I also understood the love that being a mum entails and the incredible proud and happy moments it brings too. It’s such a whirlwind of emotions at times!

what it means to be a mum appreciation family love parenting woes difficulties

And after everything you give as a mum, you hope that your kid will be there when you need them. My mum’s text made me think about texting b in thirty years time. And hoping he’d care. After all the bloody tantrums and whatnots, he better bloody care haha!

So this post is entirely dedicated to my mum, for the whole world to read. Let me share with you some stories and funny times which maybe she will remember and will make her chuckle, or despair that she ever brought me into the world thirty six years ago!

Clinging for Dear Life

My earliest memories of my mum and I take me back to around age four or so when I started going to nursery. I remember clinging hold of my mum and the teachers having to prise my tiny hands from her legs. To say I didn’t like nursery or school was an understatement. Sorry mum for being such a complete pain in the backside for so many years!

Bedford Rascals

My mum was a florist and ran her own business when I was growing up. Some of the happiest memories I have are of me and my sister flying about in the back of her Bedford Rascal van! Back in the 80s we thought that was great fun! Nowadays it would be frowned upon by the “elf and safety” crowd. Hehe, we used to literally love sliding about in the back of that van!!


My mum was super crafty. In fact she still is! Everything I put on the blog has been inspired by my mum – wreaths, bunting, décor – all my mum. She even comes down now and again to help me decorate. Although when my mum is down, “decorate” means a shopping trip to Home Bargains and a glass of cava at 1pm!

Anyways back to my mum being crafty – it basically inspired both me and my sister. We used to spend hours making various bits and bobs as kids. A lot of the time we made furniture for our Sylvanian homes, or food made out of Fimo and salt dough. These were the best times!

what it means to be a mum appreciation family love parenting woes difficulties

Greedy Guts

There were also low times as a kid. I’m sure we all remember times when we were little sh*ts and wish we hadn’t been! One incident that sticks in my head was eating some mint chocolate that my mum had her heart set on. I’d tucked into the whole bar and she was really cross that it was all gone. I felt her pain just the other evening when b took all the poppadums. And he didn’t even bloody eat them. He dropped one on the floor. I came into the study to blog and sulk! I know it sounds trivial but they are my favourite bit of the a curry!

Anyways, so just a few memories and thoughts about my lovely mum!

Message for my Mum

Mum, we (me and S) love you lots and we are never too busy to take a call. We are super looking forward to Christmas and can’t wait for you to babysit all three boys under six! I’m joking of course – that’s my sisters job 😉

what it means to be a mum appreciation family love parenting woes difficulties

Do you have a new found respect for your parents now that you’ve become a parent yourself? Has it made you view life differently? Be sure to share your comments below and pin for later!

what it means to be a mum appreciation family love parenting woes difficulties


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