Perfect Party Food Ideas for Christmas!

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Perfect Party Food Ideas for Christmas!

I must be mad. I’ve decided to put on a party for the little man’s nursery friends. It started off fairly small – five of his friends plus parents. Along the way, I’ve managed to invite more and more nursery friends and now I have around 25 people coming – oops! I plan to do some fun food for the children like these mushroom pizzas and then some party food and grown-up nibbles for the mums and dads. There will be some wine floating about too.

To get into the Christmas mood and prepare for this “small” party, I thought I’d take a look at some of the party food on offer this year and write a little round-up of what I’m loving. Expect brioche buns, unusual flavoured snacks and plenty of pulled everything.

Crisps and Dips

First up, crisps and dips. Now in my opinion, you can’t go wrong with a good crisp and a houmous. I am absolutely loving the Sainsbury’s Moroccan Topped Houmous. As with most houmous, it is made of chickpeas but it also includes red pepper, onions and red chillies. It isn’t overly spicy but the combination of flavours are just delicious and I really like that there is a mix of chickpeas, onions and peppers sprinkled on top of the houmous. It goes really well with bread and veggies sticks. Houmous has always been my go-to for snacking.


For crisps, it seems flavours are getting more and more adventurous as the years pass. I think we had prosecco and gin and tonic crisps last year. Personally I’m fairly traditional when it comes to crisps and I’m loving some of the new flavours from Tyrrells such as Three Bird Roast and Lobster Cocktail. Something a bit different but not too different. This winter you can enjoy all your favourite birds in one crisp – duck, turkey and chicken!


Party Food!

Now if you’re looking for some special party food this year, there’s just loads of creative and fun things on offer. I can’t wait to try these Treacle Glazed Pastry Gammon Spoons at ASDA – a combo of pulled ham and pork, sat on an edible pastry spoon. Super cute!

Treacle Glazed Pastry Gammon Spoons at ASDA review christmas

Next up on my “want to try” list are these Mini Pulled Beef Wellingtons from Morrison’s. It seems everything is “pulled” this year! I love beef though and cant wait to try these.

Mini Pulled Beef Wellingtons from Morrison's reviews christmas

Nibbles Wrapped Up!

A Christmas party wouldn’t be complete without some sort of cheese and cranberry combo. I really like the look of these Brie and Cranberry Parcels from the Tesco Finest range. I love gooey cheese like brie and camembert and can’t wait to try some of these. They are wrapped in filo pastry which should make them light and less stodgy. I find a lot of this pre-made party food is very pastry heavy – typically puff and short crust pastry  -and it always bloats me out :/

bried and cranberry parcels tesco finest range

Next coming to a plate near me soon are these Cheese Burger Sliders at ALDI. They come in mini brioche buns, served with either cheddar cheese or Monterey Jack and jalapenos. Yum! The little man will love these too. The world seems to have gone mad for brioche buns this year. It seems you can’t get a burger or hotdog in a regular sesame seeded bun anymore. This seems to be the case for Christmas party snacks too, but I don’t mind as I really like the brioche craze.

cheese burger slider buns ALDI christmas party food

Sweet Treats

If you’re looking for some sweet treats for afterwards, there are so many to choose from this year. I love the look of these Belgian Chocolate Canapés from ALDI. They appear to be just the right amount of chocolate. I’m not a huge pudding person, preferring a cheese board over pudding any day, but these cute sweet treats look lush.


I’m also loving some of the Tyrrells Poshcorn this year. It would make the perfect accompaniment to any party. B is loving popcorn at the moment as we have a bit of a Friday film and popcorn chill out together. I bought some last week, apple pie popcorn, and it was positively disgusting. Give me a normal sweet and salty combo any day! Having said that, I was sent some Bellini Cocktail Tyrrells Poshcorn to try and it’s actually nice. Just the right amount of peachy fizz. The apple popcorn I tried almost tasted like it was covered in vinegar.

tyrrels poshcorn bellini fizz review taste christmas party

And finally, on my “want to try” list this year are the little Raspberry and Prosecco Jellies from Morrison’s. They’ve had them for the last few years but each time I go in to buy them, they are out of stock. Really hoping to beat the crowds this year and pop a few in the trolley : ) Although having said that, my mum made raspberry vodka jelly one year and it tasted amazing. Shame I only had a tiny spoonful though as I was preggers with the little man.


Talking about all this food is making me super hungry! Are you planning any parties this Christmas? Do you enjoy the pre-made Christmas food on offer or do you prefer to make your own? I like buying some of the posh bits and then I like making some bits and bobs like these sausage rolls.

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Disclaimer – Tyrrells kindly sent me some crisps and poshcorn to try. All thoughts and opinions are my own and I was already a big fan of their poshcorn! The other items featured in this post are there because I genuinely want to try them!

Tyrrells such as Three Bird Roast christmas review part food ideas inspiration supermarkets

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  1. 25 people! Good luck. This all looks lovely. I haven\’t seen those chocolate canapés in Aldi yet. We bought some nice macaroons in there last week. Perhaps you could add those to your list x

  2. Ooh best wishes for a great party. Wish I could come! My husband and I always buy lots of party food to eat on New Year\’s Eve. We don\’t go out or have anyone round but it\’s our way of feeling festive. I especially like the look of those chocolate canapes and also now have a craving for hummus. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday.

  3. Ooh, I\’ll have to look out for that posh corn – sounds deelish! TBH, your post has inspired me to buy most of this stuff, and I\’m not even going to invite anyone round to help me eat it 😉
    x ALice

  4. I should not have read this while hungry. These seem absolutely perfect, I hope the party goes well – you are very brave! I am so excited about Christmas this year as we have invited some family over (we have just had it to ourselves the last few years while kids were teeny and everything was chaos) and I need all the ideas I can get. I will have to start shopping! #KCACOLS

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