5 Ways to Save Money This Christmas – Start Saving Now!


Start Saving for Christmas Now!

Argh it is upon us already! The supermarket aisles are littered with tins of Roses and Quality Street. I love this time of year but it’s really a bit early in my opinion. Although the bonus is that I can start doing a bit of planning and purchasing to spread the cost. Over the years I’ve scaled back what we spend on Christmas and here are some of the things that have helped save us a bit of cash:

Start Early!

1. Start early. I like to start popping bits and bobs in my trolley early. Not February early but if I see something now, I get it. I don’t like doing all my Christmas shopping super early but I do like to plan ahead a bit. Talking of early, I DO stock up on all the cheapy wrapping paper, gift tags and ribbon in the January sales 😉

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Shop Around Through the Year!

2. Carboot sales and Charity Shops. Pick up stocking fillers for kids at carboots and charity shops. Maybe it isn’t your thing but I’m not overly bothered with buying things second hand. The carboot sales this summer have been fab and I’ve picked up a few things for literally 50p or so to pop in b’s stocking – books, toys, Woody(!) and Paw Patrol walkie talkies for a pound. Complete bargain.

cheap tips and tricks for spending less at christmas budget how to reviews save money

3. Babies and children. I know everyone says this but it is so true! You really don’t need to spend a fortune. I read this when b was a baby and thought yeah yeah, it’s his first Christmas, I’m gonna go mad. Well I didn’t go mad mad but I did spend money on stuff (aka crap) which we really didn’t need. And while he’s happy with a 50p car from the carboot, I’m going to go with that for now.

O M F G !

The photo below is from January 2015, when we decided to have a toy cull after the onslaught of Christmas gifts. I am actually ashamed of this photo. There is so much stuff that it is obscene. A lot of this went to our local charity shop and I’ve given all B’s wooden baby puzzles and toys to the nursery to use. I’m flipping sick of picking up alphabet wooden shapes!

tips and tricks for spending less at christmas budget how to reviews save money

4. Homemade. If you have time to plan ahead, have a think about some homemade gifts that you could pop together. Last year I was inspired by bits I saw on Pinterest and I made up various “survival kits” for my mummy friends. There’s loads of stuff you can pick up in the pound shops too – under eye rollers, nail files, paracetamol, hand sanitizer etc. Pop them in a mason jar, wrap around some ribbon and a tag and voila – mummy survival kit 🙂

tips and tricks for spending less at christmas budget how to reviews save money

5. Homemade Vouchers. I know it sounds silly but like I said before, what I really really want for Christmas is some time. A voucher for a morning or afternoon off to go shopping/blog/sleep/read?!! I’ll take that please! A voucher for the hubby to have two hours on his Xbox – sorted.

Will you be making any presents this year for family and friends? Do you buy second hand gifts or do you prefer to buy new? What are your plans for Christmas?!

Don’t forget to pin these ideas for later 🙂

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