Magic Santa Letter – Thoughts from a Three Year Old

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The little man is now three years old and Christmas has really taken on a new meaning in our home. Instead of the booze-fuelled festivities, we now have an excitement-fuelled toddler to keep us busy. Since Christmas 2015, I don’t really feel like I’ve had a break from Christmas talk. The little man watched The Snowman on NOW TV until they took it off around March and then ever since, we get Christmas-related questions. I popped some decorative lights up in the lounge the other week and b asked me if it was Christmas yet. Hehe, the good thing for me is that I LOVE IT! I love the little guy’s innocence and the complete magic that encapsulates the whole season. This is such a fab age as well. He knows all about the big man in the red coat and he tells us over and over that he wants a space rocket. Although today it was a submarine.

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So when I was invited to review a Magic Santa Letter, I think I was more excited than I knew b would be haha! The concept is super-duper easy. You order a personalised letter to be delivered by post to your child, from the big man himself. My one gripe, they are Santa letters – I love using “Father Christmas”. I know Santa is widely used now but I personally prefer FC 🙂 B says Santa so I can’t win really can I haha!

We opted for the partially personalised “Truly Magical” Santa Letter. There are a couple of ready-made templates to pick and you just fill in the gaps like your child’s name, where they live and what they want for Christmas. The letter arrived super quick and delivered everything it promised; Die cut scroll effect paper, a pouch of Reindeer food, a good child certificate, Christmas door hanger and some Christmas themed pictures to colour in.

magic santa letter north pole realistic review best father christmas letter for toddler

For a proper look at how little b reacted to his Magic Santa Letter, check out our little video on YouTube below. Super cute hey?

This is the first time we’ve done anything like this for Christmas with b. I think any younger and he probably wouldn’t have fully understood the concept of Santa :/ He definitely has now though and fortunately for me and mr d, we can use the “you’ll be on the naughty list” threat!

How are you preparing for Christmas? Are you starting to think about it or are you firmly putting it to the back of your mind until Christmas Eve?! If you plan on ordering some Magic Santa Letters, feel free to use the special money off voucher E30OFF for a discount 🙂

christmas magic santa letter north pole father christmas review post letter from santa elves

Don’t forget to share the offer with your friends and pin for later 🙂

Disclaimer: I was invited to review this Magic Santa Letter and received it free of charge. Thoughts are all my own, as are my son’s reactions on the video 🙂

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