Little Tikes “My First Flyer” Review

Little Tikes “My First Flyer” Review

In my opinion the concept of a remote control helicopter and a toddler do not go well together. Little man has zero patience and I was pretty sure this toy would last all of five minutes. I was actually surprised…we crashed this little chopper multiple times and it still worked!

**Update Sept 2017 – B still LOVES this toy and it’s still not trashed, even though it’s had near misses with the cats, the cupboards and paddling pools!**

We were lucky enough to be sent the Little Tikes “My First Flyer” to take for a test fly. At a RRP of £34.99, it’s probably something I’d save for a birthday or Christmas, not a “treat” because b did a poo on the toilet!!

little tikes helicopter my first flyer review suitable for toddler how sturdyFirst impressions?

The packaging is like any typical packaging, hard to get into and if you cut the plastic with scissors, you risk doing yourself a proper injury. Once we were in, we realised we needed six AA batteries. SIX! Fortunately the hubby keeps a lot in the crap really useful bits and bobs drawer in the kitchen, ready for his Xbox controller.

Once you’ve got the batteries in, you need to connect the helicopter to the controller and let it charge for around 45 minutes. Note, if you have an impatient toddler, it is best to unpack the helicopter and charge it up first rather than show them the box then ask them to wait 45 minutes before they can play. I just know this wouldn’t have washed with b and we would have had 45 minutes of “is it ready yet?”.

little tikes helicopter my first flyer review suitable for toddler how sturdy

Super Simple Controls!

Once we got going, flying the helicopter was simple enough. Not that I got many goes between Daddy and B! You have a one-touch remote controller for take-off, landing, turning right and emergency stops. And that is it.

Because it is fairly simple, you are limited to how far the chopper can fly and you can’t really control it going up and down. Once it is in the air, that is the height it typically stays until you decide to land. For b, this is perfect because he only has one thing to do – steer! And even then we still ended up having multiple crashes. Each time the chopper dived into the kitchen cupboards, I held my breath, certain that it was game over and the thing would end up in the bin. Surprisingly it is a sturdy piece of kit. And I suppose it has to be when it’s aimed at four years plus. To note, b is three and he was able to play with this just fine.

little tikes helicopter my first flyer review suitable for toddler how sturdy

Lots of Fun!

To summarise, b loves this remote control helicopter. It is sturdy and super simple for a toddler to control. What isn’t fun about flying your own little helicopter around the house!?! The downsides from a parenting perspective is that it requires a lot of batteries and it takes a good 45 minutes to charge up. Flying time is also fairly short before you need to recharge again. If you are planning this as a Christmas present, I’d def say unpack and charge it up before!

Disclaimer: We were sent the Little Tikes “My First Flyer” to review as part of the Rainbow Toy Tester Programme. All opinions are my own and are honest. And this little flyer is still going strong, a week and multiple crashes in!

little tikes my first flyer helicopter review value for money thoughts cost discount




  1. My grandson loved his My First Flyer for about 5 mins. Until it hit the couch and then the carpeted floor and the protective guard around the propeller broke. After several attempts to fix it and it continued to break. I decided to give it a F- on this review page. I recommend that you buy the warranty for this product and prepare yourself to return it a lot.

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