Busy Bees Enrollment Week and Evaluating Child Care Options

I remember when little man started nursery. He was 11 months and just seemed way to small and precious to be left all day. I was full of dread and apprehension and on top of that, I felt super guilty. I wanted to go back to work though and nursery was the best option for us. I also believe that being at a nursery can be a really positive step for little man’s development. We had a number of reasons why we decided to go with Busy Bees in the end. You can read some of our reasons here.

Anyways, so to help parents make the right decision when it comes to childcare, Busy Bees run an enrollment week. This basically means parents, existing and prospective, can go into the nursery, get involved and find out a bit more about what the nursery does.
This year enrollment week took place in September and each day focused on a specific theme:

Monday– Tuff tray play – they did ice play in little mans room and he spoke about it non-stop when he got home!
Tuesday– Number colours
Wednesday– Wild welly Wednesday -b told me he won the welly throwing competition. With the throw he has on him, I can believe that!!
Thursday– Sensational science – Not sure what happened here but b came home in fresh pants and shorts…something about water and balloons :/
Friday– Imagination play day – Today was all about using our imaginations. We made fruity pizza and little faces in our yogurt cupcakes.

busy bees day care nursery child care education funding reviews experiences weston super mare enrollment week

Unfortunately I work 4 days a week so the only day I have off is a Friday with little man. I’ve been in to the nursery a few times to do fun food classes with the pre-schoolers. This time I went in with b and we made some frozen yogurt cupcakes.

busy bees day care nursery child care education funding reviews experiences weston super mare enrollment week

I was very much inspired to try these after I saw them on one of my favourite food blogging sites “Eats Amazing” – if you haven’t checked out this site, you should. Some of Grace’s creations really are amazing!

busy bees day care nursery child care education funding reviews experiences weston super mare enrollment week

So why go to enrollment week when your child is already at the nursery? Well, there are a number of reasons why you might want to pop in:

– To see what goes on day-to-day. I’d absolutely love to be a fly on the wall when I drop b off in the mornings. Popping in though during enrollment week gives parents a little peek into what their little ones get up to on a regular basis.
– To take part in the activities with your child. I’ve been a few times to make fun food and other parents have attended too. It’s just really nice to get involved.
Get to know the staff and your child’s carers. We are really lucky that b has bonded well with his carers. He natters away about them at home and is genuinely happy to be with them.
Meet other parents. I can’t say I’ve really met parents during enrollment week but b is really starting to choose his own friends now so it’s nice to get to know their parents too.
Familiarise yourself with the nursery. I really like going in and spending time at the nursery as opposed to just popping in at drop off and pick off. it’s nice to actually see where b spends most of his time at the moment.

And if you are new to the nursery scene, why bother popping in during enrollment week? Well, I think there are a few benefits for any parent considering nursery as part of their childcare provisioning:

– To help put your mind at ease. If you are undecided about nursery as a childcare option then it makes sense to go in and have a look at the children in their environment.
– To start developing relationships with your child’s carers. I found it definitely helps to get to know the people who look after b four days out of the working week.
– To meet other parents. If possible, it makes sense to talk to parents who have children at the nursery already and find out how their children get on. I knew a few people who also had children at the nursery and this certainly helped once b started.
– To see what goes on day-to-day. I like to know what the little man gets up to each day and I like to see for myself. Now that b is in the threenager phase, I typically don’t get much out of him other than “nothing” when I asked what he got up to at nursery. He decides to tell all at about 7pm when it is clearly lights out and bedtime 😉

So there you go, a little peek into what the Busy Bees enrollment week is all about. For more nursery posts, check out: moving from toddler room to pre-school and tips on choosing the right nursery.

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busy bees day care nursery child care education funding reviews experiences weston super mare enrollment week

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