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Everyone has been saying it, but goodness, hasn’t the year gone quickly! Where did summer go? I literally blinked and already the supermarket aisles are littered with tins of bloody Roses and Quality Street. Time definitely seems to be speeding up as I approach my early twenties…ok ok, mid thirties. Bloody hell. Anyways so instead of sitting here, wasting time writing about the passing of time, I’ll share with you some of the things me and b are loving this September!

Finding a bargain at the last of the car boot sales. We found some fab bits and bobs this summer and b and I will try and get to one or two more before it starts getting too chilly on a morning. Hot find of the car boot season for little man was this toy airplane:

car boot tips and tricks reviews somerset cheddar car boot sale bargains recycle upcycle vintage

For me, I managed to pick up a lovely little wicker chair for a fiver and this cute vase for 50p.

car boot tips and tricks reviews somerset cheddar car boot sale bargains recycle upcycle vintage

To be clear, b and I never walk round a car boot sale in complete mother and son bliss. He usually whinges his way around, stopping at every stall and nagging me to buy some piece of crap for a quid. Of which, mostly ends in tantrums. Most of the time I go to car boots alone. We braved a couple this summer and gave b a wallet with some pennies in. He actually did quite well picking his own toys and not spending all his money at the first stall!

Back to school days. So my boy will start school next September. Until then, I am very much going to enjoy and take advantage of quieter week days at places like soft play and our local animal farm park – Puxton Park! It’s lovely having these places to ourselves hehe.

puxton park blog review mum toddler kids fun animal farm park summer holiday family day out

Dark mornings. The longer mornings now mean that b tends to sleep in past 6ish. Some mornings we have gone past 7! Whoop whoop. Winter is definitely coming and long may it stay!

Autumn and winter clothes. To be clear, b is not excited about winter clothes at all. He hates jumpers and he has already told me he won’t be wearing trousers. Sigh. I, however, am very excited at the prospect of him wearing this cute shirt I picked up for fifty pence at the car boot, and of course all the Christmas jumpers and tops I picked up back in January!

car boot tips and tricks reviews somerset cheddar car boot sale bargains recycle upcycle vintage

It’s a real struggle getting the little man to dress most mornings. He usually wants to leave his pyjamas on, or wear something that just looks horrific together. Fortunately I managed to get him in his fox shirt today!

Stocking up for summer 2017. Argh I know, I know, it’s bonkers but it’s really handy to plan ahead! Flowery napkins and pretty straws for summer 2017 here we come!

Halloween themed food. I know it sounds ridiculous but I need to start planning my blog posts for Halloween wayyyy before the actual event! B has enjoyed ghosts and ghoulie snacks for ages now haha! For Halloween fun food, check out these pumpkin peppers and spooky jellies 🙂 For super quick and easy Halloween fun food tricks, take a peek here!

halloween food party ideas kids healthy quick easy snacks fun spooky

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  1. Bargains are our FAVORITE!!! I\’d never heard of a car boot sale, so I did a little googling and that looks like so much fun! Almost our equivalent of a flea market or such?
    Sounds like you\’re transitioning to fall well, I need to start getting creative with my food!! Thanks for sharing <3 #KCACOLS

    • Yep I think flea market is similar. I\’m in the states next week and there is a huge flea market in San Jose that id love to go to. Can\’t bring much back tho haha!

  2. The fox shirt is adorable. My son absolutely hates anything with buttons – pants or shirts so he\’s always in gym shorts and t-shirts. He is not looking forward to having to wear pants at all. Just wanted to let you know that you aren\’t alone 🙂 #KCACOLS

  3. That fox shirt is awesome! I love to plan ahead. I\’m not sure I\’m ready to think about next summer (mostly because I love the winter) but I have our winter clothes picked out and ready to order. Most of the girls Christmas presents have been decided and I\’m looking forward to some Halloween baking.

  4. It\’s great to plan, I love the Autumn season, mainly because it signals the imminent arrival of winter and Halloween, Bonfire night, Christmas, New Year. I too have started my Halloween baking! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday x

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