The Cove – Start of Dolphin Hunting Season

Today is the 1st of September. A pretty regular date really for most of us. The end of summer, the start of a new school term and the final few months leading up to Christmas and the New Year. If you have ever watched the film documentary “The Cove” you may know that the 1st of September is the start of the dolphin hunting season in Japan’s infamous “killing cove” in the fishing village of Taiji.

the cove in Taiji japan dolphin hunting ric o barry

I remember clearly the day I watched The Cove. It was a regular Saturday morning and Mr D and I were bored. We had a bunch of LoveFilm DVDs to get through and popped on The Cove. I didn’t really know much about it, only that it was a documentary style film and it had won awards and been nominated for many more. Two hours later, my husband and I were completely gobsmacked. I honestly couldn’t believe what we had seen on screen. And I am completely guilty of wandering around in my little bubble of ignorance, pretending that nasty sh*t doesn’t go on ALL the time, ALL over the world, but this really stuck with me. And seven years on, I still think about The Cove each September. I also think about this a lot because I’ve travelled around Japan and I love the country, the culture and it’s people. But to think about what goes on in Taiji day out, day in, between September and March each year…it breaks my heart. And it isn’t just in Japan – it takes place all over the world. And I know it isn’t the only horrific thing that happens – but for me, it rests close to my heart.

I’ve been tempted so many times to turn my Facebook notifications off as I hate to read about yet another slaughter of dolphins in the cove the next morning. But I can’t turn those notifications off because I feel doing so would just add to the list of horrors I try and push out of my mind. And so I hope that by sharing a post, liking a post or leaving a comment – someone, somewhere might be made aware of what happens in the Cove. If it means one person decides NOT to swim with dolphins next time they’re on their hols, then continuing to follow and feel sh*t every time it’s a “red cove day” was worth it.

So, leading on from the heavy intro, I present to you my fun food dolphin…. With the sole aim of raising awareness for dolphins and the tireless work Ric O’Barry and his team continue to do every year.

It turns out that making dolphins out of food is bloody difficult! In the end I gave up trying to make a dolphin sandwich and instead opted for a drawn dolphin and some blueberries. The BLUEberries signify the BLUE cove days that I hope we see plenty off next week and through to March. A blue cove day meaning the dolphins swim free and their blood doesn’t stain the water red.

the cove in Taiji japan dolphin hunting ric o barry

For something to lighten the mood, take a look at my sandwich fails here…I’m not going to say what I actually think this looks like !!

the cove in Taiji japan dolphin hunting ric o barry

And it gets worse…it looks like a bird with no wings.

the cove in Taiji japan dolphin hunting ric o barry

Anyway, basically, two second after taking this photo, I decided to admit dolphin defeat and go with something easier!

dolphins the cove taiji dolpin fun food party healthy

If you want more info on the film then take a look here for an overview.

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  1. Had never heard of this, how horrific, I don\’t think I can watch the film because I probably won\’t sleep for a week or more. Nice try at the blueberry dolphin though. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

  2. I love your blueberry dolphin! He/she looks so wholesome! I haven\’t seen this documentary but have seen pics of the sea turning red when they\’re killed in the bay-it flashed into my memory as I read this. I hate when something bad stays with you like that. #KCACOLS

  3. I knew they hunted dolphins in Japan but I didn\’t know about the Cove or the programme. I guess awareness does need to be raised. I like your blueberry dolphin. Thanks for sharing. # fortheloveofblod

  4. Oh my goodness, how have I never heard of this!? I\’m already outraged about the whaling industry, but I had no idea that dolphins were hunted, especially in such mass quantities. How sad. I definitely want to take a look at this film-and I think your sandwiches are adorable! <3 #KCACOLS

  5. I haven\’t seen the film, but I am aware of it. It\’s a terrible practice that really needs to be stopped. Well done for helping to spread awareness.x #KCACOLS

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