What to Expect when your Toddler Goes to Preschool

What to Expect when your Toddler Goes to Pre-School

From Toddler Room to Preschool Room at Nursery

So my baby boy isn’t a baby anymore! He is a feisty three-year old, full of excitement and opinions. He’s been going to Busy Bees nursery for a couple of years now and he recently moved up to the preschool room. The nursery told me not to underestimate the impact of the room move but I figured that b had coped so well with other room moves, that this move would also be just fine.

It is fine but there are certainly a few things I have learnt along the way and want to share! Things I would do again and things that I did which helped. B has had a lot of change thrown at him the last few months – potty training and moving house. And now a new room at nursery, with new children and new carers. I am completely aware that this may explain why he has turned into a tantrumy threenager :/

1. Don’t Underestimate the Move to Preschool!

Anyways, so to echo the words of the nursery, don’t underestimate the move to prepreschool!! Even if your child has been at nursery for a while, it is still a huge change for them. I’ve noticed a big change in b’s behaviour (good and bad) over the last few weeks and I guess this could be somewhat down to the move to preschool. I try to keep this in mind when he is playing up.

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2. Keep Consistent!

Next, I’ve tried to keep other parts of life consistent. Consistent morning and evening routines and consistency in terms of our regular family routines. With so much change thrown at him, I do think b needs as much normality as I can give him.

3. Be Interested

Take an interest in his day. I’m not always the one to pick b up at the end of each day and getting any info out of mr d is useless. Any info the carers give him, goes in one ear and out the other. B however, is quite able to tell me what he ate and what he did. The problem is he won’t. He says he did nothing most days. I’ve tried asking him what he liked best and what was his fave part of the day. And he says nothing. Great.

4. Home Comforts

Don’t stress the comfort blanket. Ah the “nee” is his little muslin blanket that he likes to carry around with him. I appreciate he is three and maybe I should be trying to wean him off it but hey, I had a “nee” until I was about ten haha! And it makes him feel happy if he gets upset. So right now, the nee is staying.

What to Expect when your Toddler Goes to Pre-School

5. Be Social

Socialise. Now I read recently that if your child hasn’t been to nursery or a child minder, to prepare them for preschool, you should place them in environments where they need to share, take turns and play nicely. Bah if only it were that easy! Now b has been in nursery since he was 11 months and his sharing and turn taking is often hit and miss! In fact, he non-stop bickers with his best buddy from nursery on play dates. They never want to share and they always want what the other has, chasing each other around shouting “mine, mine”. Reminds me of that seagull scene in Finding Nemo :). Based on my experience, I can’t say if being at nursery helps b share more or less in preschool.

Moving from Nursery to Preschool and what to expect busy bees weston super mare toddlers

6. Expect Some Regression

Potty training regression. Since moving to the big boy room, b has regressed a bit with his potty training. He’s had a few wee accidents and he continually poos his pants. I’m sure the wee incidents are purely because he is more involved with activities and simply forgets to go. At least that is what he tells me. The poo incidents, I’m not entirely sure. He just seems to hold it and won’t let himself go when sitting on the loo or potty. I find myself continually singing “Let it go” when he says he needs a poo! That’s probably the issue ey!

7. Bring on the Early Nights

Increased tiredness. I find that after a full day at preschool, b is absolutely shattered. Some nights he will go to bed by half 6 and sleep a good 12 hours. He is on the go all day at Busy Bees and I typically let him chill out a bit when he gets home about half 5. Yep, we sometimes watch a bit of TV and we sometimes do some colouring. It just depends.

8. Natter Natter

A change in his speech. Argh, I don’t know if he picked this up at pre-school but he has started dropping his T’s in all words that include a T! Water, butter, better, party, scooter. And it is driving me completely bonkers. I completely remind myself of my dad when I was younger…”there is a T in the middly of party b!” I’m even boring myself with how often I keep mentioning this. Sigh.

9. Cheeky Monkey

A change in what he knows. My boy is growing up and although he is still tiny to me, he knows exactly what is going on and, in my opinion, he is super clever. Well sometimes. Sometimes he is super silly. He was having a bath the other evening and he said he wanted to read a story. I said well let’s do that after out bath or we will get it all wet. His reply? “No mummy, you sit over there and read it. Where it dry.” He blinking has an answer for everything at the moment.

So there, some of the things we’ve experienced since the little man has moved from the toddler room at nursery to pre-school! Does your little one go to pre-school? How are they getting on?!

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Moving from Nursery to Preschool and what to expect busy bees weston super mare toddlers


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