Sand Sculpture Festival Weston-super-Mare + 3 Family Tickets to Win!

sand sculpture festival weston super mare reviewI remember taking b to the Sand Sculpture Festival on the seafront back in 2013. He was only 3 months old and didn’t really have much to say about it. The theme was “Hollywood” and my mum and I thought it was fab! I haven’t been back for a while, so when we were invited to visit this year, I was super excited! If you aren’t sure what the Sand Sculpture Festival is then all will be revealed here 🙂 The clue is kinda in the name right…sculptures, made of sand! If you want to win one of 3 family tickets to the festival in Weston-super-Mare, just click here to enter 🙂 I want to win tickets! (T and Cs apply)

sand sculpture festival weston super mare b camera

The festival has actually been running for eleven years now and takes place from March through to September on Weston seafront. The sculptures really are made of just sand and water and you get to have a go yourself at the end to see how it’s done. Mr D and I were convinced there must be some sort of sticking agent mixed in, but after trying some sculpting, we could feel how dense the sand had become once compacted!

sand sculpture festival weston super mare b sculpting
Little man enjoyed sculpting too!

This year the theme is “When I Grow Up” and all the sculptures are based on the dreams we have as children, as to where we want our future to take us. I particularly liked “Dunno”, a sculpture in the competition zone, because it was saying that actually, some of us have no bloody idea where we want to go and what we want to be. As a child I wanted to be a teacher or a vet. Hmm yeah right… Zero patience and too squeamish!

sand sculpture festival weston super mare review

Little man is obsessed with fire fighters at the mo and he particularly liked this sculpture of fire fighters using the hose.

sand sculpture fire men

Of course there was no real water hehe. Which got me thinking, what on earth happens when it rains?! Surely the sculptures are ruined?! In fact, not a lot happens when it rains. The rainwater drains into the sand and just dries up. It’s crazy that these sculptures can stand for months too! I just figured they’d get blown away and weathered with the rain over time :/

sand sculpture festival weston super mare astronaut.jpg
Little man says he wants to be a man who flies rockets when he is older 🙂


sand sculpture festival weston super mare review
Mummy rocking out

Once you get to the end of the exhibition, you get the chance to try some sculpting yourself 🙂 This was a lot of fun and I reckon you could probably have a go at home using sand, water and a flat surface…worth a try? Or perhaps not worth the mess…?!

sand sculpture festival weston super mare review
The boys are busy filling their bucket and compacting the sand!
sand sculpture festival weston super mare review
Lots of concentration!

It is safe to say Mr D and I won’t be sculpting sand professionally anytime soon! It was blinking hard! if you fancy having a go and want to be in with a chance of winning a family ticket (worth a tenner!) then click here to enter the prize draw. I want to win tickets! (T&Cs apply)

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Disclaimer: We were given tickets to the sand sculpture festival for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own though 🙂

Sand SculptureFestival.png

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  1. I love this festival. I went to the one in Brighton a few years back and was amazed at the level of detail and competence that went into each sculpture. Looks like you had a great time.

    Sally @ Life Loving

  2. We pass by this area everyday as its our way to school and we are excited when they are starting to build it as its means its summer season and we would get sad when they would dismantle this area as it means its going to be cold soon.

    Such a lovely place to visit =)


  3. Wow, these are absolutely amazing!!!! And Weston is our nearest beach, and we\’ve been a few times this summer, and I never realised this was going on!! Amazing that they aren\’t affected by the weather too-like you, I\’m totally surprised by this! It looks like a fab day out-I\’ll have to enter for tickets! Thanks for sharing at #bigpinklink!

  4. Oh my goodness these are amazing! We go to visit friends near Weymouth and they have one sand sculpture – I would love to go here and see all of these!! Actually never been at all so all the more reason to add it to my list! Thanks for sharing in #HappyDaysLinky x

  5. Just wow! They must have taken the artists quite a while to create and I am so amazed that they don\’t wash or blow away though, that\’s fantastic! I love that you also get a chance to make your own sculpture too, I doubt mine would be that good either, sand is not so easy to work with. Wish I was closer to visit! Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

  6. We\’ve visited for the last couple of years but didn\’t go in this year. I could see a couple of the taller sculptures from outside though. As you say, pretty amazing how they don\’t get blown down or away!

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