Olympic Games Rio 2016 – Gold Medal Fun Food

rio olympic fun food for kids toddlers party

Olympic Fun Food!

It has to be done really doesn’t it – Olympic-inspired fun food for kids. If I’m being honest, I haven’t been at all interested in the Olympics this time. The time difference may have something to do with it! I have a toddler who thinks sleep is for losers…so rowing and swimming at 2am just isn’t doing it for me I’m afraid. I was a little more interested in London 2012 but I guess that’s because it was right here in good old blighty?! Although I have to say, I was impressed when I heard an interview on Radio 2 this morning (yes yes, I’m getting old and just can’t cope with R1 racket in the morning haha!) with a butcher who sponsors one of the athletes – Rebeka Tiler. She will be lifting weights for Britain in Rio. This super cool butcher supplies her with all the meat she needs to help build up her protein – how nice is that?! Talk about a sponsorship deal ey. So here, our weightlifting fun food using veggies and breadsticks 🙂 Somehow I don’t think that would build Rebeka up much :/

Ready, Set, Go!

Ok ok, so to get into the spirit a teeny tiny bit, I thought I’d put together some games-inspired fun food. Here I make three super simple snacks that literally anyone can recreate in the kitchen.

First up we have Olympic Torch Toast. This is perfect as a quick breakfast or snack and it involves things I typically have in the kitchen – namely bread, apples and oranges 🙂 Toast your bread, and then slice it long ways into triangles. Next add your fruit. Here I used some chopped apple and satsuma slices for the flames. Any fruit would work though – bananas, strawberries, mango, pineapple – the list is endless!

rio olympic fun food for kids toddlers party

And here is little man gobbling up his torches! He told me he had fire in his belly 🙂

rio olympic fun food for kids toddlers party

Olympic Fruity Rings

There are five rings that are used to symbolise the Olympic Games and they are made up of five colours – blue, yellow, black, green, and red. Each coloured ring represents a world continent: Africa, Asia, America, Europe and Oceania. For our five rings I use fruit, but anything would work here. If you have a fussy veggie eater then perhaps try a mix of peppers, carrot, cucumber and some black olives or red cabbage?

Winner Winner Golden Dinner! No fun food would be complete without a gold medal either!

rio olympic fun food for kids toddlers party

And finally, we turned this plate of veggies into a….

rio olympic fun food for kids toddlers party

weightlifting savoury snack 🙂

rio olympic fun food for kids toddlers party

So there you go, Rio 2016 inspired fun food for the little ones 🙂 Enjoyed this post? Don’t forget to pin the pics for later 🙂 Or follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for more fun food photos and ideas 🙂

rio olympic fun food kids toddlers


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