Tips on What Not to do When Making Sausage Rolls From Scratch – Tried and Tested!

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Homemade Sausage Rolls in Minutes!

I’m not a sausage fan really. I hate the mashed up meat and the big lumps of gristle that get caught up in my teeth. And worse still, the really herby sausages. Yuck yuck yuck. My sausage dislike also extends to sausage rolls. I do however like some of the premium range sausages, especially the pork chipolata sausages from Sainsbury’s. They are made of 95% pork and you can definitely taste the difference 😉 But that is it, and even then I’ve got to be in a sausage mood.

Anyways, we had guests over this week and I was inspired to make my own sausage rolls after reading a post on Clare’s Little Tots blog. I am inherently crap at “cooking” but these actually looked “doable” and they meant that I could use premium sausages. Win win.

So I got myself some of that pre-made puff pastry and cut it in half. There is a lot to be said for going for the big brand here. I tried a supermarket own and it was a bit dry :/

homemade sausage rolls easy to make in five minutes quick mum

Sausage Roll Hack – Use Sausages!

I picked up some Bramley Apple and Pork Sausages and a pack of Caramelised Onion ones. Step two, pop your sausages in the pastry, a bit like this. Photo of the day award goes to…I actually popped this on Instagram with the hashtag #FabFotoFail – check out my post on this here if you want to join with your pants pictures too hehe 🙂

homemade sausage rolls easy to make in five minutes quick mum

Now, we added in a secret step 1.5…! We only went and dolloped some apple sauce and chutney onto the pastry! Gasp! I’m not only making something but mixing it up a bit too. Check me out.

homemade sausage rolls easy to make in five minutes quick mum

Perhaps Squeeze Meat Out of Skin!

Step three, chop your big pastry sausage roll up. Now I found this a bit of a mess as the skin was tough to cut through. A serrated knife helped. And better still, squeezing the sausage meat out of the skin made it easier. Not a job I enjoyed though tbh.

Oh and brush some egg over the pastry, preferably before you cut your big roll into baby rolls. I forgot.

homemade sausage rolls easy to make in five minutes quick mumBurnt Sauce!

And bake. And now this is where I come on to my “what I’d do differently next time”. It seems that sausages need to cook for longer than pastry and both sausages and pastry need to cook longer than chutney and apple sauce. Cooking the lot for half an hour or so meant that the sauce effectively burnt off, leaving a caramalised black mess all over the oven tray. And this mess is super tricky to get off. I am still trying.

So next time I make these, I have a few ideas: leave out the sauce. Pre-cook the sausages, add them to the pastry and sauce and cook for the final 15 minutes or so. Or simply cook the sausages rolls and add the sauce for the last five minutes. I think you could maybe squidge it in with a spoon…I’ll see how we get on! And I promise to post photos of the cooked sausage rolls! Mr D and B ate them all before I remembered to take some photos. Oops!


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