Tips and Tricks for Making the Perfect Lemon Possets!

perfect james martin asda lemon possetts

Making the Perfect Lemon Possets!

Since we moved house, I’ve been popping the local radio on most mornings. I typically hate local radio because the music is pants (I’m a metal and goth fan at heart) and there are too many ads. One ad that keeps repeating over and over is the Asda Good Living James Martin Lemon Posset ad. Goodness what a mouthful. I’m so sick of bloody hearing it that I thought stuff it, I’ll give these whatnots a go. I was even more destined to make these after my mum picked up this James Martin book in a charity shop and it included these possets! Creepy ey.

Lemon posset james martin asda revew mummy blogger

What Made our Possets Work!?

Now after looking up the recipe on the Asda site, it is actually slightly different to what’s published in the book. For both recipes, here are a few things I did that I think helped make our possets a success. If I make these again, I’ll change a few things too

1. You need to simmer it for three minutes or so. It took a good five minutes for the cream and sugar to heat up before it boils. Don’t rush the boiling bit. Slow and steady wins the race here. If you rush boil, you are gonna end up with burnt sugar. Never a good taste. Here is my very exciting photo of our cream and sugar. For more super exciting photos, follow me over on Instagram or read about my fab foto fails here 😉

Lemon posset 1

2. Now the Asda recipe states 3 lemons, grated and juiced. The book stated 4 lemons grated and 2 lemons juiced. I’d say 2 were fine for making the posset taste lemony.

Grate Going!

3. In terms of grating, this is where our posset could have been better. I simply grated the two lemons ( I didn’t buy four) and I chucked the grated zest in. Now I grated it using a regular cheese grater. This meant that the lemon peel was actually quite large and when in the posset, required a lot of chewing. It was a shame because the creamy posset mixture was lush but the zest was too much. I’d recommend either a very fine grater or even leaving the zest out, which might mean you do want the juice of that third lemon.

leomn set in fridge

4. We didn’t make a strawberry sauce as per the Asda recipe.  We simply added lemon zest and a strawberry to garnish. A mint leaf would have looked nice too 😉

5. We did not need extra lemon zest garnish haha!

Lemon posset 4

6. Give yourself a good 3 hours for these possets to set in the fridge.

Clear Glasses Work Well!

7. Definitely use clear glass to serve these in. Don’t have jars, think small wine glasses or whiskey glasses 🙂 I used these cool flutes that I picked up in a charity shop. They were perfect. I also had some cocktail glasses which worked well.

Lemon posset james martin asda review mummy blogger

So there you go (almost) perfect possets 🙂 Fancy trying them? Why not Pin them for later 🙂

Lemon posset james martin asda review mummy blogger


  1. I\’ve never heard of them or had them before but it looks delicious. Bet it tasted yummy as well! I might have a go. Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

  2. This is pretty much my perfect dessert – definitely trying this! The pic of James Martin did make me chuckle – very creepy indeed. I do love your blog for ideas just like this x #anythinggoes

  3. These look awesome! I have that recipe book but I have never made these before – thank you for the tips as I would have certainly just used my cheese grater too! I used to have a spice grater that was finer but I\’m not sure where it is currently. Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes I will certainly be trying these out! 🙂

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