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deisgn and drill wicked uncle toy review

Fun with Wicked Uncle!

Now I must admit, I’m a bit guilty of sticking to what I know when it comes to shopping online. I tend to stick to one of the popular retailers and that’s about it. So when I found out about Wicked Uncle, I was super excited to try something different, especially when I saw the range of toys they offer. Wicked Uncle is basically an online toy store.

And now we love toys – what four year old doesn’t right? Take a look at our review of the Bladez Inflatable Thomas here, and a remote controlled helicopter here. Yes, an RC helicopter for toddlers.

wicked uncle

Everything can be searched based on gender, age or category. This made finding age related toys super easy. And I cannot stress enough how important this is! I’ve purchased stuff in the past that was a bit too old for b, thinking he’d love it, but instead it caused frustration and tantrums. Sigh. I really like that you can filter down to age 3 with zero faff factor.

The Wicked Uncle Challenge!

Now for the purposes of this review, I agreed to take the Wicked Uncle “Challenge”. The challenge was simple; pick a family member or friend who doesn’t have a child and have them buy a present. Then rate them on how well they do in terms of picking a cool gift! I put our friend, J, to the test. Now a bit about J – he is a super cool dude who is living the dream of free time, oodles of spare cash and sleep. Jealous I am not 😉 He goes to gigs, he goes on fancy holidays to here there and everywhere and he generally lives the life I can only dream of now haha. So I set him lose with a £40 voucher to see what he would pick. I also asked J a little bit about his experience of purchasing a gift on the Wicked Uncle website and this is what he had to say: “The website was pretty easy to use. The only thing that was a bit confusing was when you come to pay, it gives you two options, credit card or paypal. If you click paypal you go straight to their site to pay and I couldn’t see anywhere to enter a gift voucher. So you have to go to pay by credit card and then input the code, press the tick and then it gives you the balance.”

B was very excited with his Design and Drill!

Other than some payment confusions, uncle J did very well indeed! B’s eyes lit up when I told him he had a gift from uncle J. I sat him down and we opened up our parcel. This photo certainly doesn’t capture his excitement does it! He looks scared!. And this is why I’ll use some of the stock photos too haha 😉 You can check out our little video here as well 🙂

wicked uncle online toy store mum blogger reviews b unwrapping gift

Inside was a very cool box titled “Design Drill” and a little wooden car by Motorworks.

deisgn drill 2wicked uncle online toy store mum blogger reviews

I have to say the design drill stole the day! The concept is so simple yet so effective. You basically have a board that you screw bolts into using a battery powered drill. You can turn the lights inside the box on and they light up all the bolts. To say B loves this toy is an understatement.

wicked uncle design drill 2

wicked uncle online toy store mum blogger reviews

Design Drill Fun!

He really enjoys using the drill and this kept him entertained for a good amount of time. The drill is nice to hold and I get the impression b feels like it’s a “real” drill as it is pretty weighty. In reality that would be the three AA batteries it takes. The board also takes three AAA batteries, so stock up before buying this!

Even the cat wanted to get in on the action 😉

light up drill wicked uncle

I’d say age-wise, three is about right. B was able to drill the bolts in by himself and it caused minimal frustration. He enjoyed playing with the Motorworks car but the concept here is to change parts with other cars in the range. He was certainly more interested in the drill 🙂 Here is his first creation – a rocket…hmm.

rocket made with design drill wicked uncle

And this is what his six year old cousin, I, created. She absolutely loved this as well so it actually spans a range of ages, well 3-6 here! And of course genders!

2016-07-26 19.41.052016-07-26 19.43.20

Disclaimer – for the purpose of this review, Wicked Uncle gave me a £40 gift voucher to give to a friend to purchase a gift for b. All opinions are my own and are honest.


  1. That drill looks fantastic, something I would definitely consider buying for one of my nephews! The idea of a website that filters toys easily by age is a godsend for people buying presents for children. As an Auntie for much longer than I\’ve been a mum to be I could really have made use of this. Will be checking it out for gift ideas in the future. #coolmumclub

  2. Wow this looks awesome! My daughter loves DIY and always tries to help her daddy out with drilling and screwing stuff so would love this. Wicked Uncle really do have a fab selection of toys and gifts don\’t they. Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely xx

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