4 Things to do in Scarborough with Kids!

4 things to do in scarborough children kids free low cost peasholm park north bay railway

Four Cheap or Free Things to Keep Toddlers Happy in Scarborough!

If you are a regular reader you might have read that we were on our holidays recently. We were holidaying at Haven, just near Filey on the East Yorkshire Coast. We like Haven! Mostly. The last stay was disappointing from a caravan perspective. The weather wasn’t great either. We were lucky in the sense that each time we got in the car to drive somewhere, it rained. And when we rocked up at our destination, the sun popped out. Yay! Lucky us.

This is exactly what happened when we popped to Scarborough for the afternoon. We even enjoyed a couple of hours lazing on the beach, making sandcastles and digging for treasure.

If you haven’t been to Scarborough and are up that way, I recommend it 🙂 I’d always bypassed Scarborough, preferring Whitby for its cobbled streets and gothic charm. That was a mistake because I find Scarborough equally charming. Now we have little b, Scarborough is perfect for whiling away a few hours, or even the whole day! And you don’t need to spend an awful lot either.

Here are the things we enjoyed in Scarborough for little or no cost:

The beach and seafront

Scarborough has a lovely beach and my first impression was that the sand was super clean. Or at least it was where we were sitting 🙂 We asked b if he wanted to ride a donkey and to our delight he DID!

Scarborough seafront donkeys

He is a bit fussy about these things but once he got on and got going, he loved it 🙂 You also have the regular seaside arcades just behind the beach. To be honest I was arcaded-out each evening at Haven, so we avoided the area this time!

Scarborough seafront donkeys

The tram way

To get down to the seafront, you can take a walk through some really lovely gardens. There is a path which you can push the pram down – otherwise you have a lot of steps! Coming back up though is a different story and if you’ve had a long day, consider the little tram way to take you back up. It costs 90p per person for a single ride. B was free in the pram. The trip isn’t far and doesn’t take long but it is a novelty for b and it saves us pushing the pram back up the hill. For more info, you can check out the tram way here.

Peaseholm Park

Peasholm Park is super lovely and certainly worth a visit if you are in Scarborough for a while. What I love about the park is that it has an Oriental theme with a pagoda, slap-bang in the middle!things to do in scarborough with kids peaseholm park scarborough UK Yorkshire mummy blogger family days out

It completely reminds me of being back in Japan and China. The parks over there are so clean and beautiful. There is lots to explore here for little ones with curious minds. For more info, there is a nice write up on good old Wikipedia.

things to do in scarborough with kids peaseholm park scarborough UK Yorkshire mummy blogger family days out

The North Bay Railway

If you visit Peasholm, you may as well cross the road and go on the North Bay Railway. Costs are similar to other railways we have been on like this – child return £2.70 and adult return £3.50. Not super super cheap but worth it if you have a little one that loves trains. And as you can see here, b is Thomas mad. Yep, Harold Sandwiches!

The train runs from Peaseholm Park up to the North Bay – about ¾ of a mile. We didn’t get off at North Bay, we just enjoyed the ride there and back.

Have you been to Scarborough? What are your favourite things to do in the area?!

4 things to do in scarborough children kids free low cost peasholm park north bay railway


  1. I haven\’t been to Scarborough since I was really small and in my head I had the image of a pretty average seaside town. But I think I have done it a disservice because it looks lovely. When I\’m next up to visit my Dad I might suggest we go there for a short break. The gardens look stunning and my LO would love the small train. #TwinklyTuesday

    • I thought exactly this too Angela re average seaside town. we were pleasantly surprised when we visited 🙂 Hence we returned! The gardens really were lovely – reminded me of travelling in Japan!

  2. Scarborough looks lovely – the train is something my little girl would absolutely love. My other half always mentions to me how beautiful it is so I\’d love to go one day. Thank you for linking with #dreamteam Hope to see you next week xx

  3. It\’s not a part of the coast I know that we\’ll but would love to discover more around Whitby and Scarborough. Great tips when I finally get there. #citytripping

  4. I\’ve never visited the coastal areas up north but as my hubby is a Yorkshireman, know we will at some point.. It\’s great that there are so many other activities nearby too. The railway would be a big hit with my daughter. Thanks for linking to #citytripping

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