YIXIN Build and Play Car Review

It was little man’s third birthday last weekend and he was fortunate to get lots of presents from family and friends. I tried not to go too mad and his main present from mummy and daddy was a brand new, shiny bike. He absolutely loves it but I have to say, it was another toy that stole the show! And this toy has stolen the show for the past week now! The toy I’m talking about is the YIXIN Build-n-Play Car (it’s on Amazon) which my friend, L, got B for his birthday.

The concept is easy. You use your screwdriver and spanner to disassemble and reassemble a toy car. The car is bright, shiny and includes numerous screws that need twisting and turning. At first the car caused frustration. B wasn’t sure which way to turn his screwdriver and he wasn’t sure which bits of the car went back together. Some Daddy supervision ensured he soon got the swing of things 🙂

And then he was off! He is obsessed with taking the car apart and then putting it back together. He loves changing the orange tyres for the spare, grey tyre. When watching him play, you can see he is engaged and thinking about what he can do next to rebuild his car.

I hadn’t heard or seen these toys before B’s birthday but I must admit, I am tempted to get him some more as he really loves building and rebuilding. He has kept him entertained for a good hour at a time too. On the whole, I would certainly recommend this and I’ll be adding to our range of YIXIN build and play toys!

What toys do your children love? Do they have a favourite?! I always find B locks on to something for a few days and then switches 🙂

Disclaimer – This toy was a gift for b’s birthday from a friend. Both myself and said friend have no affiliation with YIXIN or any retailers that sell YIXIN toys. I have written this post to submit as part of the Rainbow Toy Awards 🙂


  1. This sounds like a great toy My daughter, who is 2 and a half, loves taking things apart and trying to fix them (she is not always successful haha) so I reckon this would be a hit! #KCACOLS

  2. Oh wow what a fantastic present I can see why B is so captivated by it! I so need to have a nose at the rest of their range now. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday.xx

  3. Haven\’t seen those toys before but they look great! Great choice from your friend. Happy birthday to your little man too x #KCACOLS

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