3 Insect Inspired Snack Ideas Using Veggies!

National Insect Week day fun food for picky eaters

National Insect Week Fun Food!

Did you know that it’s National Insect Week this week?! No I didn’t either! But thanks to this handy awareness days calendar, I can synch up my fun food with what is going on in the world.

Insect week is the perfect inspiration for insect inspired fun food. You can literally have loads of fun making spiders, ladybirds, bugs, butterflies and various creepy crawlies!

My boy is at nursery most of the week so when he gets home at 5pm, he usually wants something light to eat. This provides the perfect opportunity to give him some crackers, cheese and veggies. I typically arrange these little teas/dinners in to fun creations. Here I show you how to make a few insect meals 🙂

Delightful Dragonfly Veggies

For this cute dragonfly, you just need a selection of veg. I typically use salad veg but you could use cooked veg too. Cucumber or pepper slices make great “wings” and the body could be anything. I use a carrot stick here but you could use sweetcorn, cheese, breadsticks. Literally anything. For the eyes I use an icing pen in green and for the eye pupils and antennae, I used a black edible food pen. You can get these online for a few quid. For more ideas for creating food eyes, check this post out.

Dragonfly made of vegetables healthy

Super Snail Snacks

For these cute snail snacks, I use crackers, some turkey and a selection of salad veg. Here I use a small circle cookie cutter to shape the turkey and cucumber. Again, I use an edible food pen to add a bit of detail.

snail snack ideas vegetables toddlershealthy food made fun

Crazy Cucumber Caterpillar Creations

Finally we have our crazy cucumber caterpillar. Caterpillars are easy to make and you really don’t need any cookie cutters. Just slice your cucumber up and arrange! I cheated with some plastic eyes but you could add raisins or draw them on with an icing pen. Check out my post on adding eyes to make food fun for little ones for more “eye” ideas!

For the little legs I used bits of pepper. I did use a flower cookie cutter to make flowers from a Cheddar cheese slice. B loved these 🙂

crazy caterpillar healthy toddler snack

So there, three, very simple and cute ideas inspired by Insect Week. They don’t take long to put together at all, I promise.

Have you tried making work of art from food to inspire your child to eat? B is now four and he still loves his veg!

National Insect Week day fun food for picky eaters


  1. These are delightful! I\’ll definitely have to use the caterpillar one as we\’ve just found a load in our garden. Thanks for the heads up on insect week too 🙂
    I\’ll be back for more xx

  2. So cute! My son is selectively picky at times so maybe making his food a little more fun to look at will do the trick! #brillblogposts

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