Our Haven Holiday Review – Primrose Valley

primrose park haven scarborough review caravan park

Our Fun Week at the Primrose Valley Haven Site

We just returned from a week away in Yorkshire. As you might have read, we are somewhat Haven fans, so we were excited to be heading to Primrose Valley up on the Yorkshire coast near Filey. I’ve been reviewing the parks we’ve visited (paid for ourselves) and wanted to write up our latest experience. We go up to this area usually once a year to visit mr d’s grandad. It’s such a long drive for us that it makes sense to take a week off and make a holiday of it too. And that is exactly what we did!Haven Primrose park Yorkshire Beach Family Holidays Mummy blogger

The journey up wasn’t too bad for a Monday morning. We always stop off near Nottingham and visit Jungletastic, a soft play just off the motorway. Junction 26 of the M1 if you are interested. It is ideal as it is literally two minutes from the junction. Zero faffing. The aim is to get little b to have a run around and then sleep the rest of the journey (two hours or so). This has actually never been the case and it seems my child just doesn’t want to sleep in the car…EVER.

It’s a long journey!

So off we trot on our merry way and we rock up to Primrose Park about half 3. I’d booked the same caravan as we had in Church Farm down in Pagham so I knew what to expect. Only I didn’t. When we opened the caravan up, we were hit by the stench of stale cigarette smoke, masked by the smell of cleaning stuff. It was pretty grim. At this point I was in no mood to overly worry about the smell -we’d just found out our house sale and purchase was in imminent danger of falling through, and 300 miles from home and at 4pm, there was little we could do. I felt tired, fed up and pissed off but couldn’t be bothered with the faff of complaining.

Caravan woes

Mr D wasn’t happy though and off we trundled back to the reception. We were told they could “fog” the van and this would clear the smell. We were kindly given some vouchers to spend on dinner while we waited for this to take place. The staff called me about an hour later informing us the fogging was finished and we could return to our caravan. Honestly, it didn’t smell much different. There was a strong “clean” smell but it simply masked the smoke temporarily. We were told there was not much else they could do and they couldn’t offer us a different caravan at the same level we had booked (prestige with decking). We were told we could upgrade but at a cost. Mr D and I both thought this was a bit off especially since the only extra I’d ordered was a bed guard! We spoke to reception the next day but again, there wasn’t much they could offer other than a re-fog or go in and take out all the soft furnishing and clean that. And what with the house faff getting more and more stressful, I’d simply come to the “stuff it” conclusion. I’m not gonna rant on about the caravan anymore because Primrose Valley had plenty of fab things on offer. It was just a shame the caravan wasn’t as fab as our past experiences have been.

The perfect place to holiday with toddlers

So to the park – it literally had everything you’d need when holidaying in the UK with a toddler. We had two indoor pools and an outdoor pool, a fairground, a boating lake, ducks, entertainment, restaurants full of other screaming children (honestly that is a PLUS for me these days based on our last eating out fiasco!) and of course the Seaside Squad – little man’s favourite part of the day – mine and Mr D’s less so, although the wine helps!

So here we are, a round of up of stay at Primrose Park:

The swimming pools

Overall they were great. Mr D took b to the Splash pool. This hasn’t been opened long and it looked soooo much fun. I unfortunately didn’t get to go in as we were waiting for a call from our solicitor (joy). So I got to watch from the window. This was actually a blessing in disguise as mr D told me the water was super cold. And for Mr D to say it was cold means that it really must have been bloody cold! I went for a dip with my boys on the Thursday morning and the other pool was just fine temp wise. I’ve always been impressed with the cleanliness at the Haven pools too – changing rooms and poolside are always clean.

The beach

We didn’t actually get to the beach. Long story short, our first proper day was ruined by solicitor and estate agent calls, and us having to direct our estate agent around our house to find our bloody marriage certificate – it was like something out of Knightmare – anyone remember that TV program when you were a kid?

So we headed to the beach, and as you can see, we got great views of the beach – but alas, we never got to it! I wasn’t overly fussed as we live by the beach and b even said he didn’t want to go lol.

Haven Primrose park Yorkshire Beach Family Holidays Mummy blogger2016-06-14 09.11.43-2

The playgrounds

B loved the onsite playgrounds. We were so bloody lucky with the weather too. It would rain if we were in the car, and it would miraculously brighten up once we got out! We enjoyed a good few sessions on the swings and slides 🙂

primrose park haven scarborough review caravan parkprimrose park haven scarborough review caravan parkprimrose park haven scarborough review caravan park


Honestly this is something I never ever thought I’d see myself at but b loves it. Well, he says he loves it but his face says otherwise. He goes on about seeing Bradley Bear and Greedy and when they come out, he goes all shy and clings onto my leg for dear life. Here are some of our amazing seaside squad shots! To be fair to b, if I were a metre tall and was confronted by a 6 foot pink elephant, I’d probably be scared too!

Haven Primrose park Yorkshire Beach Family Holidays Mummy bloggerprimrose park haven scarborough review caravan park38primrose park haven scarborough review caravan park

Park grounds

The park is much larger than the one we went to at Church Farm and more on a par with Devon Cliffs Haven site. Although I’d say there is more here at Primrose. You could spend all day onsite. We did some lovely walks around the grounds and enjoyed the ducks.

Haven Primrose park Yorkshire Beach Family Holidays Mummy bloggerprimrose park haven scarborough review caravan parkprimrose park haven scarborough review caravan parkprimrose park haven scarborough review caravan parkprimrose park haven scarborough review caravan park


Primrose Park is in a good location for exploring the North Yorks coast and heading up to Scarborough and Whitby. We’ve been to Whitby loads in the past so didn’t stop there this time. Instead we spent an afternoon on the beach in Scarborough and B rode his first donkey 🙂 I can’t believe he hasn’t been on one down here in Weston! The downside to the location is that it is a bloody long drive along A roads once you come off the M62. And once on A roads we always seem to get stuck behind the slowest of drivers or the largest of lorries. Sigh.

All in all we had a mixed bag of a week. The park was great. The caravan not so this time due to the smoke issue :/ and emotionally the holiday was ruined by this whole house move and faff on. We’d booked the trip way before we knew we’d be moving and we figured we’d have sorted issues out way before last week. We finally did exchange on the Wednesday afternoon but by that time any excitement and elation had been sucked out of us!

primrose park haven scarborough review caravan park


  1. Ahh sorry to hear that it wasn\’t the holiday you had hoped for, the park itself does sound fab but the smoke issue would be a huge deal for me! I hate that!! We LOVE Devon Cliffs, we are off back down there in July, I don\’t think you can beat it for location and it really doesn\’t feel like a Haven does it? Great review though, thanks for sharing. #TwinklyTuesday

  2. Oh no! It\’s such a shame that your house stuff fell at the time that you went away. I remember knightmare and can now vividly picture you telling your estate agent \’side step to the right\’. I can\’t believe you got a smoke smelling caravan… good on you for not paying extra to upgrade as they suggested. I don\’t think I would have been happy if someone had told me that. Were you tempted to whip out your blog 🙂 Thank you for linking up to the #DreamTeam x

  3. Great review, we\’ve been looking for somewhere to stay on the East Coast so will definitely have a look at this one. I\’m sorry your break was ruined somewhat. I totally remember Knightmare, it was a great programme!! x

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