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weston super mare air festival blog post write up

Ah what a fab start to the weekend! The Weston-super-Mare air show! How lucky are we?! Last year it was all a bit of a write-off. We went down in the afternoon to watch the RAF Red Arrows and this weird fog bank drifted in meaning that they couldn’t fly! The year before that, we narrowly avoided being taken out by a stray parachutist:/ We were literally feet away with the pram and it was a bit scary. We just got out of the way fairly pronto as they had an ambulance come down very quickly. And the year before that I was in hospital having just had b! So I got to hear it all but didn’t see a thing :/ This year was a completely different story, as you can see from some of my photos! Obligatory family selfie! And photo bombed by the potty. Sigh.

RAF Typhoon Weston Super Mare Ait festival beach

We headed down just after 11am and had a mooch around the trade and charity stands. Little man loved the helicopters that were parked up on the beach lawns. We found a spot on the beach and parked up there. At first it was warm and there was zero wind. As soon as we rocked up, the wind picked up and it turned bloody freezing! I was cold, b was cold and even mr D was cold. And I’d packed zero warm clothes. Mummy-fail of the day.

First up for us was the RAF Typhoon – and what a way to warm us up! The speed, the noise and the sheer power was absolutely AMAZING! I am a bit of a plane geek (as in I like watching them but I know pretty much zero about them really) and I absolutely love hearing these beasts of the sky roar past! Best photo of the day award goes to this one:

RAF Typhoon Weston Super Mare Ait festival beach

Haha only joking. Here is a better one, although my iPhone camera does not do any of the planes on display justice.

RAF Typhoon Weston Super Mare Ait festival beach

Now little b absolutely hated the RAF Typhoon and whinged all the way through saying he wanted to go home because it was too noisy. Fortunately it was noisy and drowned out most of the toddler whinge 😉

RAF Typhoon Weston Super Mare Ait festival beach

Bless him, daddy had to cover his ears while he sat there, snuggling his nee (blanket, don’t ask, lol).

Little b did, however, very much enjoy the Westland Wasp helicopter and the Catalina seaplane. He loved the idea that a plane also turned in to a boat…anyways…Crap photo alert. That seagull looks like a smaller version too!

Red Arrows Weston Super Mare Ait festival beach

The highlight of the day, other than the Typhoon(!) was definitely the Red Arrows! Again, my phone cam does not do it justice at all. The display was amazing, the power and speed completely exhilarating. Again, b was not impressed and hid in his pram throughout. Hrrmph…I will make a flyer of him one day!!

RAF Typhoon Weston Super Mare Ait festival beach

Here are some of my pics of the RAF Red Arrows. So pleased I finally got to see them in Weston!

Red Arrows Weston Super Mare Ait festival beachRed Arrows Weston Super Mare Ait festival beachRed Arrows Weston Super Mare Ait festival beachRed Arrows Weston Super Mare Ait festival beachRed Arrows Weston Super Mare Ait festival beach

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  1. I\’m so pleased for you that you finally got to see it all! We\’ve got the Swansea airshow coming up in a few weeks and we\’re all really excited, it\’s always an amazing day. We actually saw one of the display teams practicing yesterday which was a bit of a treat! x #KCACOLS

  2. It looks like a great air display! I know what it\’s like to forget to bring cold weather clothes – you think you\’re safe because it\’s summer, but nope! It\’s been bloody freezing here in Glasgow this past week. #KCACOLS

  3. I\’ve saw the Red Arrows the other day. It was a random Friday so I think they were practicing or something. Still got the full-on coloured smoke though! #KCACOLS

  4. I bet the Red arrows were awesome to see! It\’s something i would like to see one day although neither of my children would cope with the noise so it\’ll have to be when they are older or without them. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

  5. Yay, you finally made it (how scary about the parachutist though, geez!)! I absolutely love the air shows near us and the red arrows are just incredible. Gutted I\’m missing it this year due to being very heavily pregnant! Thanks for linking to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

  6. We love the red arrows too and recently saw them at a local airshow. Also got to see the Typhoon, that plane is so powerful!

  7. Our little lad loves planes so would have loved this air show. The sights and sounds are always a great spectacle and it\’s a great place for them to have fun and learn a little about aviation history and technology.
    Potty Adventures

  8. We were there too!
    Last year we walked all the way to the top of Brean Down & then the fog came in. We did manage to see them the next day…thankfully they made a return visit. We watched them up by the old pier & it was terrifying…they feel so close to your heads up there.
    This year we walked up to Uphill Church…great view. You don\’t feel as if you\’re in the thick of it so much up there & you can\’t see the shape of the display as well as your photos show.
    It was bloomin\’ cold though, thankfully we had coats, but lots of people were waiting with chattering teeth. Typical British Summer 🙂 #whatevertheweather

  9. How amazing to see the red arrows, they are so much fun to watch! We went to a local air show with the jets and things too, littlest was a baby and slept in the wrap through all the noise (couldn\’t believe it!) and biggest hated the noise so he was crouched on my knee with me covering his ears. Poor kids, they must have sensitive hearing! Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather xx

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