Bristol Festival of Nature and the Harbour

I don’t know about you but I love days that are completely unplanned and that just “happen”. I am completely guilty of over-thinking and over-planning most things. I like to know what I’m doing, when, where, how, who, what and why! And this is why I love the unplanned, spontaneous days. And last Saturday was one of those days 🙂 I only found out about the Bristol Festival of Nature from browsing through twitter on the Friday. It sounded perfect for mooching about the harbour with a toddler.

Typically, when we rocked up to Bristol, it was raining. And not just a light drizzle but full on peeing it down. We always park by the M Shed, so we dipped in there for half an hour. B wasn’t disappointed as he loves looking around.

Bristol M Shed Harbour Side Festival Summer Blogger Mummy

Once the rain subsided, we took a look at the little train that runs up and down the harbour. B wanted to go on it but we were eager to check out the nature festival and managed to coerce him too 😉

Bristol M Shed Harbour Side Festival Summer Blogger Mummy

B was super lucky though as the train driver showed him the fire! Little man was VERY impressed!

Bristol M Shed Harbour Side Festival Summer Blogger Mummy

So back to the festival. The Bristol Festival of Nature runs for 2 days down at the harbour. So not only do you get to enjoy the festival but you also get to enjoy the boats, the M Shed and the SS Great Britain. Check out some of our photos from the day. If this runs next year, we will certainly be back. There was literally soooo much for the little ones to do. The only problem I had was getting b to leave each tent. The day started well with him having a complete melt down over a chicken shaped rubber in the very first tent we visited. Fortunately these wooden “medals” in the next tent snapped him out of his grizzle. You helped yourself to a small slice of tree and drew whatever you wanted on it. Daddy helped b draw a leaf and a tree. Original ey.

Bristol M Shed Harbour Side Festival Summer Blogger Mummy

He took a particular liking to the RSPB tend and the soft toys strategically placed at child height. We were very nearly signed up for the year!

Bristol M Shed Harbour Side Festival Summer Blogger Mummy

We also got to make cute bird feeders in the RSPB tent. B typically hates getting his hands sticky and messy but he loved this activity and it will be something I try when we move and have trees where we can hang feeders from.

Bristol M Shed Harbour Side Festival Summer Blogger Mummy

Another huge hit was the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery tent. They had lots of fossils and bones on show. B loved this and actually gasped when he saw some sort of animal head and teeth. I’d missed the intro so have no idea what it actually was :/

Bristol M Shed Harbour Side Festival Summer Blogger Mummy

Another hit for b was the Fin Fighters tent. They had a small sand pit set up where you could dig for a quid and take 3 shark teeth home. B thought this was great fun. I must admit I knew nothing about Fin Fighters before we visited the tent. They are a fairly new UK shark conservation organisation and they aim to end the sale and distribution of shark fin in the UK. I was surprised to learn that there was demand for shark fin in the UK – I just assumed (wrongly) that it was an issue more common on the other side of the world :/

Bristol M Shed Harbour Side Festival Summer Blogger Mummy

After a mooch about and various picnic and potty stops, we decided to risk a pub drink. If you read my recent post about eating out with b, you will know that I vowed never to eat out again. I told myself this was just a drink and what could go wrong? Haha, nothing! Nothing went wrong! He was happy, he was content, he was like another child 😉 Here we are, blowing small straws through big straws. Whatever keeps you going ey.

Bristol M Shed Harbour Side Festival Summer Blogger Mummy



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  1. This sounds really fun – so much to see as well which can be good with short attention spans (mind you, it\’s that or they never want to leave, like the RSPB tent). I lived in Bristol for a year (about 15 years ago) and ever time I read about it, I think how much it has changed, and how I really need to hop on a train and explore again. Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

  2. Fun day! I\’m of the mindset these days where I like to be super spontaneous with our travels. I\’m an over-planner too but I find it exhausting and have been enjoying \”winging it\” – those tend to be the best days:). #citytripping

  3. This looks like a lot of fun – great for the kids! I would have through that about sharks too. Planning trips is important but often the spontaneous days out are the best. And yay to having an enjoyable drink with B in tow! Thanks for linking to #citytripping

  4. I have never been to Bristol before and it is definitely on my list. This looks like a great festival to go with your kids. I think my girls will love it. I can see that you all had a great time, especially your little one. Lots of interesting things to do. Definitely the unplanned days out sometimes are the best ones! Thanks so much lovely for sharing this at #KCACOLS. You are always amazing with the commenting! Thank you so much for that! 🙂 xx

    • ah you should def come to Bristol 🙂 loads to do. and you are welcome with the comments – I really enjoy exploring other content, seeing what is out there and then tweeting on twitter too 🙂 xx

  5. That sounds like such a fab day out for little ones. I keep seeing things to do with kids around the Bristol area recently, it makes me wish I still lived that way! Glad you all had a fun day out! #KCACOLS xx

  6. I love all the events that happen throughout the year around Bristol Harbour. We stumbled across the Harbour Festival eight years ago during a weekend in the city. I was hooked! We came back the very next year. This sounds like another fun event to add to the calendar! #KCACOLS

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