How to Drive Engagement using Twitter Chats – My Tips and Tricks!

online twitter chat tips for bloggers

Using Twitter to drive Engagement and Traffic to Your Blog!

I am not new to twitter. I have used it extensively for my day job. I am however new to “liking” twitter. Before I started blogging, and I mean proper blogging, none of this “post something once a month” type blogging, I really didn’t like twitter at all. I just didn’t get it.

Why do I care who says what about what? And then along came the mighty hash tag- something which I considered a real irritant. Why interrupt a sentence with words that start with a hash tag? #It #is #super #annoying #and #distracting! I got exactly why but it just felt so clunky and annoying to read. I kind of zoned out of hash tags. Again, this was until I started proper blogging. And then I realised the true extent of hash tags, which has ultimately helped me in my day job and see our twitter follower numbers increase. I write down my top twitter tips for beginners here if you want to take a peek. I’ve found a lot of free online tools really help me too!

online twitter chat tips for bloggers

Make the most of Twitter Chats!

So anyways, this isn’t a post about hash tags, it is a post about tweet chats and how I’ve been using tweet chats to engage with other likeminded people. And of course the hash tag is very much a part of that. Without the mighty hash tag, there would be no tweet chat. Or no organised tweet chat at least!

If you are new to twitter, a tweet chat is an organised chat on twitter. The chat is typically moderated and the moderator may pose questions to the audience. To filter the tweet chat chatter, a hash tag is used. Tweet chats usually take place on a specific day, at a set time.

Here is a roundup of some of the tweet chats I enjoy and some of the things I found useful:

Tribal chat

This was the first tweet chat I ever took part in and it opened my eyes to a whole new way to communicate with bloggers, mums, crafters, and generally interesting people! Tribal chat takes place every Tuesday at 8pm on Twitter. There is a moderator and a set of questions are asked. This typically sparks plenty of conversation and giggles. You can find tribal chat using #tribalchat or following @TribalChatTweet for updates.

Blogs do it Better

Another tweet chat I’ve enjoyed is Blogs do it Better. This chat takes place twice a week, every Monday at 7pm and Friday at 8pm, UK time. I’ve found the chat to be focused around a number of topics, tonight being around blogging dos and donts. You can join the chat using the hash tag #BDIB and following @Blogsdoitbetter

online twitter chat tips for bloggers

Chats for everything and anything!

I am a crafter at heart and although I haven’t specifically been blogging about crafting, I’ve really enjoyed the #craftblogclub. #CraftBlogClub runs every Tuesday from 7-8pm for Craft Bloggers and lovers. Since blogging, my time for crafting has rapidly decreased. There are so many hours in the day! I plan to pop some stuff on the blog though and get back into it. I absolutely love sewing, crochet and machine embroidery. I want to share the love!

And some of the things that have helped regarding tweet chats?

Twitter chat calendars. After engaging in a couple of twitter chats, I wanted to find more to join on an evening, when mr d is absorbed in a new xbox game. I found this calendar on Xomisse and it is brilliant. Highly recommend. If I have a spare hour on an evening, I open up the calendar and it refreshes to the date and time. I can join a chat instantly 🙂

Joining a chat from a laptop and opening up TWO twitter tabs in your browser. I find it very handy to have one tab open for the hash tag and one for notifications. That way I can follow the convo in real time and also respond to any replies in real time 🙂

Happy chatting!

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  1. Thank you for this post. I am still getting the hang of twitter. Like you, I am not sure I \”get it\” yet. As a proper blogger, can I call myself that yet? 😉 I know I enjoy being kept up to date which is fun. Thank you for this post. #showcasetuesday is where I found you!

  2. I always join the chats on my phone and get behind by a few minutes. I struggle to keep up. I may try it on the computer one day! I\’m normally trying to get a baby to sleep though!! #triballove

  3. I didn\’t even know about Twitter chats, I will have to check this out. I must admit I am not very tech minded, and I enjoy twitter, but don\’t really \’get it\’ as such, I do love Instagram, I love pics though so that makes sense. Really enjoyed this post #brandnewday

  4. I\’ve never joined a Twitter chat – mainly because I\’m usually busy trying to put my child (back) to bed, eating my dinner or trying to grab an hour of time with my husband so I tend to miss out for those reasons. I\’d like to join in one day though – when I have a better sleeper on my hands! #bloggerclubuk

  5. This is brilliant, thank you for sharing, I\’ve never really used Twitter chats before but I\’m pretty interested now, especially in that craft one. I\’m hoping to include more craft posts on my blog so a chat might actually help!

  6. Right there with you on the whole concept of twitter and hash tagging… OMW I didn\’t even know there was something like tweet chatting lol! I am starting to get the importance though.. slowly but surely 😉 #BloggerClubUK

  7. I have only done a couple of twitter chats and really enjoyed them. I did find it hard to keep up, I like the tip to open up 2 tabs and will definitely try this next time x #bloggerclubuk

  8. Hi Emma. I was pretty clueless on social media, but I set myself the task of getting familiar with one network at a time and what a difference it made to my outlook. Twitter is my favourite now I\’ve got the hang of it, but the one thing I\’ve not really gotten into is the chats. I tried it once and couldn\’t keep up.

    I think I must try again! Will check out the Xomisse calendar for sure.


  9. I love taking part in twitter chats or parties. Twitter is still my favorite social media network. I love how you can interact with people all over the world! Great list of chats to join here lovely. Thanks so much for joining us at #BloggerClubUK

  10. Exactly the same here. I thought twitter was so silly. No need to talk about hashtags. I would tell off my students if they mentioned this word in their sentences. To me it was just for teens who wanted to be cool and very uncool older people. Now I have a blog, big revelation to me! They have a purpose 😄 I would like to try #Tribalchat but it\’s dinner time ans sleepy time with a specific routine for the little one… Maybe one day when he is older!

  11. Great post. I don\’t tend to join in with many chats but they sound like a great way to \’meet\’ like minded tweeters, I\’ll have to check out the calendar, thanks for sharing 🙂


  12. I love blogger\’s Twitter chats. Unfortunately, the majority of the UK ones take place while I\’m at work. My favourite one is #BDIBNA, which is the US version of Blogger\’s Do It Better. #blogstorm

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