7 Father’s Day Gift Ideas You can Make in Minutes!

fathers day gift ideas diy men dads grandads home made

Father’s Day DIY Gift Ideas!

Father’s day is upon us and it won’t be long before I’m procrastinating between an Islay or Highland whiskey in Morrisons. That’s about as much as daddy gets from little b. Original ey. Although b is getting to that age where I can start to involve him a little bit more –from card making to whatever else we can think up. And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to tell hubby that he is loved, appreciated and the best dad in the world.

Here are some of our ideas for Father’s Day DIY gift ideas on a budget.

fathers day gift ideas diy men dads grandads home made

Homemade cards

I really don’t know why anyone would spend money on a greeting card once they have a child. Fold a piece of card, hand or foot print, job done. I actually get pissed off when hubby buys a card, not from a sentimental perspective but from a money perspective. It’s such a waste of money!

Homemade anything for that matter

Cakes, sweeties, biscuits. They don’t need to be master-chef worthy and they don’t need to break the bank. It’s the thought that counts and all.

A lie in and breakfast in bed

What parent DOESN’T want a lie in?! Nuff said, you really don’t need to get a gift if you are giving the gift of a lie in.

The gift of time

This follows on from the point above. I remember my husband asking me what I wanted for my birthday when b was coming up to four months. “Time” I said, “the gift of time” and that still rings true today.

Time to go for a shop, time to have a nap, time to write, time to do anything that doesn’t revolve around cooking, cleaning, tidying, playing and wiping.

Fathers day gift ideas simple budget toddler children free

Photo gifts

I don’t mean the expensive things like cushions, mugs and that “stuff” you don’t really need (in my opinion anyway). I mean a photo, in a frame, that could be placed on the wall or on a shelf in the home or at work. You can get individual photos printed off for pennies at most local supermarkets. And frames don’t need to cost a fortune either. I particularly like the selection they have in Home Bargains at the mo 🙂 I frame a LOT of stuff – here, have a look at what else you can frame for pennies!

Salt dough hand prints

When b was five months, I really wanted to get his hand and foot prints captured on a tile for Mr D’s birthday. I guess it’s one of those things I felt I needed to do. Anyway, in reality it was a right faff. Trying to get a 5 month old to open their little fist, pop it in paint and make a perfect hand print on a tile is not easy! And then there is the bloody foot to do too! The guy had to sand “off” the botched prints many times. We hardly had any bloody tile left. If I wanted to do this type of thing again, I’d make up some salt dough and create some homemade tiles! Playdough would also work well. Just air dry it!

Microsoft Word and a printer

Or any bit of software where you can write and edit text! Think “Daddy is” and then list all the lovely stuff about said dad. Or “Daddy likes”/”I love my Daddy because…” Print it out in colour, frame it, done 🙂Fathers day gift ideas simple budget toddler children freeA couple of examples of what you can do in literally minutes 🙂

Daddy and B Love...

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fathers day gift ideas diy men dads grandads home made


  1. I like the idea of the giving of time voucher. I need to get my act together and think of things and you have just helped loads, thank you! I also like the i love my daddy because…. I can get the boys to think up some bits along this theme for their cards. Great!:)


  2. Aww such a lovely list and makes a change from the usual tat-filled gift lists! As well as the hand-made card, I am always partial to making a moonpig card too! I Defo think I will use your last idea… Love that! Xx #KCACOLS

  3. Yes, a lie in and breakfast in bed would be the PERFECT gift! And my kids are old enough to do that and clean up. I personally like handmade gifts so much more. Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

  4. Lots of great ideas here Emma! Perfect when you can spend much! Breakfast in bed is always a great option. I think I will do that this year. And I also love the idea of doing your own card. Bella loves drawing so she will be very excited about doing a card for daddy! Thanks my lovely for sharing this at #KCACOLS. It is a pleasure to have you here. Hope to see you tomorrow, 🙂 x

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