Potty Training – Four Weeks In and Five Things I’ve Learnt!

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Ok so we are four weeks in and it is actually going better than I thought. That very first day, I envisaged pooplosion hell. I’m pleased to say it has been far from it. You can read our three days in write-up here! I’ve learnt a few things though and thought I’d share them here:

1 – I need to trust my boy more! If he says he doesn’t need to pee then he doesn’t! I’m sure he’s been thinking “shut up woman” every time I ask him.

2 – I completely underestimate my boy sometimes. For a while I was convinced he wasn’t ready. And maybe he wasn’t, but he just “got” it, much to my surprise!

3 – Nappy bags come in handy. My boy isn’t a huge fan of the toilet yet and prefers his potty. If we are out and about and he needs to go, I use the potty and a nappy bag to clean it. For more insight into travelling with a potty training toddler, check out my post here.

4 – Patience. I said this before but I really think I’ve learnt to be even more patient than I was before. It’s been frustrating this week as every ten minutes or so, b has said he needs a poo. And then nothing happens. I have a feeling he’s been a bit bunged up, not sure tbh. But anyways, I started to lose my patience this afternoon, after the umpteenth pair of pants went in the wash and still no blinking poo to show. Deep breath, he isn’t doing it on purpose.

5 – A sense of humour helps. If he does poo his pants, it isn’t a huge deal. If he needs a wee while out and about then watering the front tyre is actually pretty hilarious to a toddler! If he laughs, I laugh and we are all happy 🙂 And we sing along to our new version of the Paw Patrol theme tune hehe 🙂

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  1. Sounds like it\’s going really well. I potty trained Max about 8 weeks before his 3rd Birthday so he was well and truly ready but in hindsight I rushed him from potty to toilet and that has caused some poop issues in the year since. Good old hindsight eh! X #PickNMix

  2. Sounds like it\’s going really well. I\’ve been potty training my boy now for about 3 months! He will only use the potty/toilet if he\’s completely naked from the waist down..this means we can only do it at home. If he has pants or a pull up on he will just wee/pop himself. It\’s a bit frustrating as he never has accidents if he\’s pants less and always tells me when he needs to go, I\’m sure we\’ll get there in the end. Sounds like you\’re both doing a fab job, \’watering the tyres\’ IS a genius idea!xx #picknmix

  3. Ahhh we went through this back in February. My youngest didn\’t want to do poos in the potty and he was definitely a little bunged up for bit. It did take a while for him to relax and go but he did it eventually so I\’m sure it will be the same with you too! Patience is definitely needed – good luck! #PickNMix

  4. Sounds like he is doing really well. We had a great travel potty that had bags you could chuck away and meant you didn\’t have top clean it. Think it was called a poppette. Thanks for linking to #PickNMix

  5. Trust and nappy bags, got it! Haha I definitely think trust is important because otherwise they will always expect you to help and never learn to do it on their own. I will have to research more about nappy bags and a potty, in the meantime I will appreciate the \”ease\” of just changing a nappy ; ). Thanks for sharing with #StayClassyMama!

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