Thermae Bath Spa – Perfect for Mum and Dad Time!

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Thermae Bath Spa – The Perfect Place to Enjoy Kid Free!

OK let me set the scene. It’s Sunday evening, the boy is in bed, a glass of vino is poured and I have that pre-Monday feeling. And then aha, I remember, I’m NOT at work tomorrow. I have a DAY OFF. A100% commute and laptop free day! Wohoo! Don’t you just love it when “good” realisation hits you ey. So yes, I had Monday off and Mr D and I decided we should take some time out, connect and all. And what better place to do that than where we got engaged – the beautiful city of Bath. We love Victoria Park in Bath too – you can take a nose at some photos in this post!

We dropped little man off at nursery and toddled off down to the train station. I felt a bit anxious. I haven’t taken a train or bus for, well, years :/ All was fine and we got our tickets and caught our train. The last time we went to Bath I managed to slip over on the platform, in front of the whole train. Great. Mr D forever calls that moment the “slippy shoe incident”. Anyways, no slippy shoes in sight this time and all is well.

Our first stop in Bath was the Thermae Bath Spa, Britain’s only natural thermal spa. And it is lush. I’ve been a few times in the past for hen parties and I can categorically say it is definitely worth a visit. And not only for the spa. Bath is such a pretty city and I love mooching around the cobbled streets.

Thermae Bath Spa

Thermae Bath Spa
Thermae Bath Spa, August 2006. Bath, Somerset, UK. Photography © Matt Cardy 2006.

Having been a few times, I can also say it is worth a visit on a week day rather than a weekend. It is much quieter and you can actually move a bit in the roof top pool. Yes, that’s right, the roof top pool.

Thermae Bath Spa

It is beautiful, warm and offers stunning views over Bath. The funniest thing about the roof top pool…watching people come out of the lift on a sunny day and seeing them insta-squint. If it’s sunny, it is VERY bright up there. I recommend sunglasses. Mr D and I couldn’t see much for a good ten minutes before our eyes adjusted. But to be honest, I’ve been feeling so tired lately that I was happy to sit back, relax and close my eyes! We also spotted a Prince Wills look-a-likie! Honestly, he should quit his day job and become a double 🙂

Child Free Bliss!

The best thing about the Spa, in my opinion, is that it is kid-free. Whoop whoop, not only a day out, for mummy and daddy time, but a day out without having to endure other people’s kids too. We enjoyed time in the roof top pool, as well as the steam rooms and Minerva pool. I honestly wanted to just lay down and have a nap but Mr D told me I can’t come all the way to Bath, to the spa, to sleep! I didn’t see the problem but heyho.

Thermae Bath Spa
Thermae Bath Spa, image (C) copyright by Robert Slade

Thermae Bath Spa

A Spot of Lunch!

After the spa, we did a bit of shopping, aka browsing and commenting on how expensive all the posh shops are 😉 We then ended up in Revolution at the top of Bath for lunch. The “50% off main meals” enticed us and the menu actually looked good. We weren’t disappointed. I opted for a club sandwich, Mr D his standard cheeseburger, and we enjoyed a couple of drinks, because we could!

Thermae Bath Spa Revolution Vodka Bar Mummy Day Out
We did NOT drink all these haha 🙂 Ten years ago maybe :/ !

Thermae Bath Spa Revolution Vodka Bar Mummy Day Out

Thermae Bath Spa Revolution Vodka Bar Mummy Day Out

And we could EAT in peace, without little man launching ketchup across the joint. See last week’s escapades :/

We did a bit more “shopping” (I actually purchased nothing :/ – im an awful shopper) and I felt so tired and exhausted that we caught the train home, picked up little man and went to bed by 9pm. My step counter told me I’d done nearly 15k steps – get in! No wonder I felt so shattered. I couldn’t sleep though because bloody kids were out…playing. The cheek.

Disclosure – There is none! We had vouchers for Christmas and I wanted to write about our day out! The photos are stock photos which the Spa gave me access to. As you can imagine, I couldn’t go snapping away 😉

thermae bath spa relaxation offers


  1. It looks so nice there, I would definitely like to try something like that. I can imagine how nice it was for you bth to have some time together.

  2. This sounds like such a lovely day trip. I live in the middle of no where so these kids of things aren\’t possible but definitely enjoy some quality time with my husband like this on occasion. I think it\’s a great idea. I\’ve never been to a spa but your are making me want to try it. Thanks for sharing! #KCACOLS

  3. Mmm, lovely. We went here last year, it was fab\’ we had two nights away for our anniversary with my daughter at my parents. It was SO good! #kcacols

  4. Lovely post… I love spa days, and live Bath! I totally agree that the Bath spa is great mid-week when it\’s quieter and also in the winter… There\’s something magical about being in the rooftop pool when it\’s freezing outside! Xx #KCACOLS

  5. oh I love Bath!! beautiful city! the spa looks amazing! and kid free too?! bonus! sounds lovely.. what a treat for you and the other half! I\’m totally checking it out the next time I\’m there! #twinklytuesday

  6. What a wonderful child-free day! I\’ve wanted to go in that rooftop pool for years but have never made it – probably due to the fact that I\’m always with my kids! One day soon, I hope. This is great timing. We\’re off to Bath in a couple of days. It\’s one of my favourite cities in England. Thanks for joining in with #citytripping

  7. OOh! A friend of mine did a hen-do at this Bath resort in Bath and I was blown away! Now reading more about it I\’m incredibly sad when we went for the day, I didn\’t know about it! Guess I\’ll just have to go back the next time I visit family! #citytripping

  8. I am so ridiculously jealous! I loved Bath when we visited a few years ago and would love to go back. I love to Spa and that one looks awesome but can never persuade my husb to come along. We also really need some mummy and daddy alone time. SOOOO jealous. PS You can completely go to a spa to nap, I\’m with you on that one. #TwinklyTuesday

  9. oooh love a spa. Such a great way to have some well deserved relaxation time. I haven\’t been to one in ages, or in fact at all in the UK, but I think Bath would be the place to do it. Just nudging my other half now 🙂 #citytripping

  10. I do love Bath – I\’ve been a few times, including a hen do, but never to the rooftop pool bit of the spa (only the historic bit ages ago where I tried the eggy water. blargh). Sounds a gorgeous way to spend a child-free day though, the thought of relaxed shopping and a leisurely lunch is definitely tempting! #citytripping

  11. Hooray for some mummy/daddy time. I love days like this and what a great city to visit. I know Bath well as we have family there but I\’ve never visited the spa. A week day trip definitely sounds like the best plan! #citytripping

  12. Sounds like a fab, child-free day and that spa looks amazing! I really would just fall asleep there though I think! x #KCACOLS

  13. Oh I love bath and I love special days out with my husband – I get a bit tired on a night out! We\’ve been to the spa and really enjoyed it…it was a VERY cold day though and I did get a tad chilly in the warm outdoor pool but I probably just need to toughen up. Sounds bliss though, spa, shopping and lunch AND the lovely Sunday eve feeling! #KCACOLS

  14. Oh wow this looks fantastic! I would really love to go there for sure. I have never been in Bath actually. I really would like to visit soon. My sister went there a few years a go and she told me it was absolutely beautiful. And of course after reading your post this place is definitely a must to go. This could be great to celebrate a wedding anniversary! Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. I hope to see you again this week. 🙂 x

  15. Ooooh we\’re going in the next non for our anniversary (long overdue) and we\’re hoping my parents can come down to look after H over night. Bath isn\’t far away but we\’d like a night away (hubby bought me the voucher for our wedding anniversary and we\’ve not been able to use it yet). It does look lovely, we\’ll hope for weather like you got! It sounds like a lovely day of you time x

  16. What a perfect day out with the hubby! That spa looks so fab, especially the roof top pool. Great deal on lunch & a few drinks – you are right to live it up when you get an adult day out. Thanks so much for linking up with us at #BloggerClubUK

  17. What a fab day out together – no kids and a spa must have been heaven. It looks amazing. I need to go! Revolution and the flavoured vodka shots – wow some memories 🙂 Thanks for linking with #bestandworst x

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