Why Families Should Consider Living in Weston-super-Mare!

Weston-super-Mare and why i like living here perfect for families property market pros and cons

My New Found Love for Weston-super-Mare

I’ve lived in Weston now for over ten years. I moved here in 2003 after I finished my degree and got a job in Bristol. I wanted to move in with mr D so it was either move down here or live at home and get a job in London. I am soooo pleased I didn’t choose that option. When I finished uni, I thought that to be successful and have a good career, I’d need to move to London. When I was made redundant in 2005, I just felt there weren’t opportunities in the South West for me. I plodded along in another job for less than a year, thankfully finding my “now” job! You can read some of the reasons why I like being a working mum here.

Itchy feet

I still had itchy feet though and I just didn’t feel content. I’d mope about most weekends, complaining that the area was rubbish and there was nothing to do. I also pestered my husband a lot – saying we should move abroad, live abroad, travel for 300 years. I just felt that the grass would definitely be greener.

My husband has always supported my itchy feet and actively encouraged me to take time out and travel – he made it clear though that this wasn’t what he wanted to do – but was happy for me to do so or do some voluntary work abroad. I looked in to it but decided I’d rather do something with the hubby!

We did some mini trips to China and Japan, our longest stint being three weeks. Looking back, this worked really well as it allowed us to save and stay at nice hotels. We did quite a bit of travelling and you can read how I feel about giving that up for a while to have a family here.

Appreciating what I have here

It also made me appreciate what we have on our doorstep once I got back from doing a bit of exploring. It made me see that I don’t need to travel the world to see beautiful places and sites. I have many right here! Look at these beaches! Look at Uphill! There are so many beautiful places to explore.

weston super mare reviews families living cost of summer water park
Miles of beautiful beaches!

Mr D and I got into walking and would often plan long, circular walks in Somerset, with a pub lunch midway! It wasn’t until little b came along that I started to explore Weston more. I started to appreciate how pretty the seafront can be. Yes there are plenty of eyesores along there too, but on the whole, we are really lucky to have such a long promenade right on our doorstep. I also started to appreciate the parks we have – Grove Park at the top of town, Clarence Park at the other end, Ashcombe Park. We particularly like Grove Park in the summer, when all the flowers are out 🙂

2015-06-20 15.37.18
With Nana and Grandad at the Air Festival

Great for families?

As B grows up, I’ve started to appreciate how much there actually is to do for little ones in Weston. There is literally soooo much on this summer, with a lot of things completely free of charge. Check out my post about all the free things coming up! We had loads of fun last summer at the CBeebies event, the Dairy festival and the air show. And we had many great days just playing on the beach, splashing in the sea if the tide was up or enjoying the water park on the front.

weston super mare reviews families living cost of summer water park
The water park is great fun!

Basically having B has made me really appreciate what we have here and made me see that I don’t need to do anything overly exotic and far flung to have a great time. Most of my favourite days are spent in Weston 🙂 Here’s to a super summer again.

Here are some of our pics from last summer. So many happy days 🙂

2015-08-01 10.56.15
CBeebies Day – Digging for Veggies
2015-08-08 09.51.00
Marine Lake
The Beach

Have you been to Weston? Or do you live here? What do you love about the seaside town? It gets a lot of bad press but I think like anywhere, there are pros and cons!

Weston-super-Mare and why i like living here perfect for families property market pros and cons


  1. I\’ve always loved Weston when I\’ve visited, but I know it\’s not always the same when you live somewhere. It\’s harder to see things through tourist eyes when you\’re so used to everything! 🙂 #KCACOLS

  2. Weston looks and sounds lovely 🙂
    We\’ve never visited, but my son has a scratch off map of the U.K., so we\’re working our way around. I\’m sure it won\’t be long before we see how great it is 🙂

    Laura xx
    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday!

  3. Oh Weston looks like a beautiful place to live – and you have the beach! London doesn\’t have a beach! So glad you found that there is plenty to do where you live – I thunk sometimes we are always looking further afield when actually where we live is truly beautiful. Lovely photos too #KCACOLS

  4. Weston looks and sounds lovely 🙂
    I\’ve always lived in the same place so I know how easy it is to miss the beauty of where you live. It\’s great to hear that you have so much to do 🙂

    Laura xx
    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday!

  5. There are so many places here in Brighton and Hove we haven\’t visited yet, and we\’ve been here four years this year! It\’s so easy to forget things on your doorstep #KCACOLS

  6. Its great when you realise what you have on your doorstep. We are really lucky where we are too, there\’s so much amazing stuff so close. Thanks for sharing #KCACOLS

  7. I\’ve never been to Weston but you make it sound like a lovely.place! I don\’t particularly have ithy feet and am quite confortable, but my husband does and we\’ve been planning trips here and there. Hopefully they go through and we\’ll have a nice time with babe!

    The beach looks very lovely and there seems like there\’s good variety of things to do. Honestly there\’s oppurtunities everywhere if we look hard enough and London isn\’t always the answer!

    lovely post! #KCACOLS

  8. I\’ve never been to Weston, but it sounds and looks lovely! Such great photos!
    I love discovering new things where I live. I\’ve lived here all my life and still finding new things to do!

    Laura xx

    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday 🙂

  9. The photos are beautiful. We all need to appreciate what we have at our door. I love how you expressed this. Nice to be able to travel we have never figured out how to swing it yet, but it is a work in progress. 🙂 #KCACOLS

  10. I lived in Weston for a year in 2014/15, and because I was working so much I never got to explore as much as I wanted to, but I never understood why my team hated living there so much, there is so much beauty, and whatever you want out of life is not far at all. I do miss it from time to time, but that little adventure wasn\’t meant to be #KCACOLS xx

  11. Even though I love to travel and one day envision moving from here but we are lucky we are so close to a whole range of things. I\’ve never been to Weston-Super-Mare but the beach looks lovely! #kcacols

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