Fish and Chips Fruity Mash-Up!

how to make fruity fish and chips

Making Fish and Chips Out of Fruit!

And why not ey. So it turns out today is The Great British Fish and Chip Day. The aim is to raise awareness and money for the Spinal Injuries Association. When I was pregnant, I had a bad experience with fish. Since then, I haven’t touched any fried fish and the thought of it makes me feel nauseas. So instead of the traditional fish and chips, we “cooked” up some fruit fish and chips today in support of anyone having their Fish and Chip Supper for SIA 🙂

We do a lot of random/stupid things with fruit and these jelly fish are another example of that!

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Fancy making a fruit fish and chip feast?

We used sliced apple for the chips. Simply peel an apple and slice it into chip shaped pieces.

We used strawberries for the fish. I cut them into slices and added half a blueberry for the eyes. We have loads of ideas for creating food eyes though so take a look here. And if you don’t fancy fish, what about insects?!

I used an edible ink pen to write on the plate, a bit like these doodle dishes. You can find the pens online for around two quid or so 🙂

Do you have a fussy eater and have you tried any tricks to inspire them to eat? Share your tips with me below in the comments and don’t forget to pin for later!

how to make fruity fish and chips


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