Four Podcasts You Should Listen to Now!


I’d never really been into the podcast scene before. Until I spoke with a friend who raved on about something called “Serial”. I commute to work four days a week and the journey takes a good 40 minutes. To be honest I’m fed up of radio. I hate the commercial radio stations that seem to only ever play crap music, littered with ads.

Radio fatigue

I can’t stand the R1 breakfast show. I get bored of R2. R4 just feels a bit “old” for me?! haha. And radio 5 – well it’s crackly and they talk sport all the bloody time. So that’s what got me thinking about podcasts – why not use your 40 minutes to listen to something you actually have an interest in? And I didn’t know I had an interest in “Serial” until I started listening. And became obsessed! I’d literally volunteer to do the ironing so I could hide away in the bedroom and plug my earphones in! Ha! Our iron mountain had never been so small!

The same with lunch breaks. Podcasts are awesome for making an excuse to get out the office and walk! Here are some of my lunch break tips!

serial podcast sun dial john to listen to right now

My favourite Podcasts!

If you haven’t listened to a podcast and have time where you could listen(car, gym, ironing!), then I highly recommend them! Here are some of my favourite ones:

true Crime

1. Serial. I love season 1. It was completely gripping and something I just hadn’t been interested in before – that being true crime and the American justice system. I won’t say much other than listen to it and make up your own mind! Season 2 on the other hand I found completely dull. I didn’t really connect with the protagonist and gave up after four or so episodes.

And just to add, a year on, the latest Serial is awesome. I find myself looking out for sun dials all the time.

serial podcast sun dial john

2. Generation Why. I got into this purely after watching “Making a Murderer” on Netflix and wanting to find out more. I then discovered there were lots of cases similar to the one aired on Netflix. And I wanted to learn more. To be honest after a few weeks of listening to stories of murder and mutilation, I decided it was time to try something else!

Thought Provoking and Inspirational!

3. Invisibilia. I really like this podcast because it discusses things which I don’t tend to give much thought to on a day-to-day basis. Invisibilia is Latin for “the invisible things” and each episode talks about things that shape human behaviour. So things like ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions. I really recommend “The secret history of thoughts” and “The power of categories” to start you off. Completely thought-provoking and inspirational stuff.serial podcast sun dial john

4. TED talks. If you haven’t listened to a TED talk then you are missing out haha! They are inspirational “talks” which range anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or so. I try and walk for 20 minutes during my lunchbreak and a short TED talk is perfect for this. One of my fave TED talks is by Amy Cuddy – Your body language shapes who you are. It’s amazing how a few simple changes to posture can change how you feel inside! Another one I found inspiring and relevant was ‘Why Do Ambitious Women Have Flat Heads?’ by Dame Stephanie Shirley. This woman is such an inspiration for women in business and her TED talk is worth checking out.

Already a podcast fan and have some to share with me?! Please pop them in the comments and I will take a look. I’m always interested in discovering new and exciting things to listen to on the commute!

serial podcast sun dial john to listen to right now


  1. Wow, to have 40 minutes a day to just read, think, listen would be amazing right now! I\’m all about scan reading through in the spare 5 minutes here and there, but you never know – one day…Will pass this on to my commuter hubby though!
    Thanks for sharing with #coolmumclub x

  2. The Longest Shortest Time is one of my favourites – it\’s a parenting podcast covering all sorts of things – unconventional families, giving birth, breastfeeding, etc. Definitely worth a listen! #coolmumclub

  3. Yes I was obsessed with the first episode of serial and I listened to the whole of season 2 but it limped along. I love crime podcasts and I can\’t believe I missed generation Y If you liked serial I think you might enjoy Breakdown podcast #brilliantblogposts

  4. With you on the crap radio point – how annoying are those adverts and the same old songs going round and round and round! I hear a lot about podcasts and yet I\’ve never really listened to one, I don\’t know why! I often want to listen to something when I\’m chained to the kitchen sink or ironing board (or maybe it just feels like that!) so I will give them a try I think. I like the sound of Invisibilia. Thanks for giving me something to start off with and sharing with us on #fortheloveofBLOG x

    • I\’d recommend Serial – I didn\’t think it was up my street and I ended up completely addicted…making up housework just so I could listen haha! Let me know if you listen and what you think of them 🙂 x

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