7 Things That Helped With Weaning!

how to start weaning tips schedule recipes and plan

Weaning Woes!

Weaning was one of those stages where I found everyone seems to have an opinion.

You MUST do baby led weaning or your child will never eat and forever be fussy.

You MUSTN’T use pouched food or your baby will die.

Give your baby a rusk.

Don’t give your baby a rusk.

Oh I weaned mine when they were eight weeks old. It never did mine any harm.

Grrr, just bog off and leave me to it ey.

Like with breastfeeding and giving birth, it was another one of those areas where your damned if you do and damned if you don’t. So today on the blog, here are the things I did and the items I found super helpful on our weaning journey!making healthy food fun for children weaning tips and tricks

Purees worked for us at first

I mostly made purees because I was anxious b would choke. It’s really hard not to lose your sh*t when you think they are choking but really they are just gagging. Watching your baby gagging on a bit of banana is never fun! So I went with my instincts and started off with purees until I felt he was ready for mushy bits to hold and chew.

Steaming, Blending and finger food

I used a basic steamer and a hand-held blender. That was it. Super easy and super cheap. I’d keep bits of veg for b to hold and eat, as well as feeding him some pureed fruit and veg.

ice cube trays for freezing

Ice cube trays were a must at the start. I’d freeze up multiple batches of carrot, sweet potato, pear, apple, whatever else. Once frozen, I’d pop them all out into labelled boxes. It then made meals easy – carrot and pear for lunch – done. Turnip, sweet potato and broccoli – done.

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You can find things like ice cube trays and the Tupperware boxes in the pound shops. You really don’t need to spend a fortune on branded “special weaning” stuff…in my opinion!

Also, if you find your little one prefers finger food and need to use up a load of puree, here are some ideas for using puree after the baby days!

make life easy when travelling

We used pouches and pre-made food if we were travelling or out and about. It was easier and one less thing to worry about.

do a first aid course

I worried a lot when b started nursery. How will he get on with the food, what if he chokes and dies? What if he chokes and DIES?! I know it’s ridiculous but I felt anxious about this. He was only eleven months old and so tiny (to me anyway!). One thing I tried to keep in mind – everyone at the nursery has far more first aid training than I do! Stop worrying Emma. And a few years on, I’m pleased to say the worry was for nothing. You can read about our nursery journey here.

If you’re really worried about choking, do a first aid course. Before the weaning stage, I found our local children’s centres offered classes on this type of stuff. It is worth checking out your local centre and seeing what’s on.

So there, our weaning journey and the things I learnt. B eats pretty well to be honest. He can be picky but that’s what toddlers do right. We’ve found the “I bet he can’t eat THAT?!” trick works very well! As do BB8 sandwiches and Bear Hunt roast dinners!

how to start weaning tips schedule recipes and plan


  1. Good post! I took a similar approach and would definitely support your tips and tricks. There are definitely too many opinions – the Health Visitors in my area almost gave gold stars to those who did Baby Led Weaning, as if those of us who didn\’t were doing it wrong! I wrote a blog post myself on \’Traditional\’ vs Baby Led Weaning (http://www.lifemotherhoodandeverything.com/wpblog/parenting/traditional-vs-baby-led-weaning-my-thoughts/) because I found the puree approach felt more natural.

    I am definitely with you on the nursery concerns until I also remembered they have far more training than my 30 min course!!

  2. Your right there on not needing to worry about branded weaning stuff etc. I\’m doing purees as well, although they are now more mashed and my little boy has to do some chewing. Will give him some hand veg as well- good idea! Our first attempt turned into a veggie massacre- I don\’t usually put my posts on comments but thought this might give you a giggle #bloggerclubuk

  3. We are weaning at the moment, we are going with puree too and we had a gagging moment earlier – ARGH! But we did attend some First Aid training with the lovely junior Drs while they were on strike which makes me feel a little better…..
    I\’m going to get some trays to freeze food, I hadnt thought about that before!

    I have found a hand blender a bit of a pain though :S


    • we have a blender where you pop it in and pop the lid on and whizz. its small so doesn\’t take up a whole kitchen surface. and it has a lid – so doesn\’t spray up everywhere. one that comes with various attachments. good luck! x

  4. OMG I thought I was the only one on this God given planet that worried about their children choking and dying !!! I feel your pain, honey and all I can say is the cpr class is a good idea and always have the food processor with you 😉 I had 3 sister\’s and we all were raising our children at the same time. All I can say is I was mercilessly ridiculed because of this fear. Every mom has a thing that they get totally obsessed about, i.e. choking, running and falling into something with a toy, blah, blah, blah…Welcome to the crazy world of motherhood. Ain\’t it great, I know actually I don\’t no how I got all 5 of mine to be thriving, educated adults (w/o choking on something and dying). Oh I remember the days and I am so glad I survived. I\’m sure you and B will too 😉 Blessings <3 …

  5. Great post. I guess weaning is a bit like the breast/bottle thing where people think they have a right to judge others. As long as baby is being fed, it\’s all good!
    Thanks for linking up to #BloggerClubUK 🙂

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