Potty Training – What to Pack when Travelling with a Potty Training Child!

what to pack potty training toddler child tips best age

The Joys of Potty Training and Venturing Out of the House!

Ok so if you are a regular reader, you may know we are in the midst of potty training. It has been going fairly well to be honest. The boy never fails to surprise me and never fails to make me proud.

We’ve been doing this potty lark for a week now and we haven’t really been out out. Today we took the plunge. I honestly felt like we’d packed enough for a weekend break away! Do you feel like that too when going out with a little?!

Multiple pairs of pants, check, wet wipes, check, potty, check, snacks, check.

all packed and ready to go!

We headed over to Clevedon, a little town on the Severn estuary just north of Weston-super-Mare. I’ve written about it before here. They have a lovely front with a great park and a little train. It is ideal for a morning/day out. So off we trot on our merry way. We rock up and straight away “I need a wee”. I don’t mind because this means we can go, side of the road and then get on with playing! It’s all good. An hour later “I need a wee wee”. Ok cool beans. He goes, we rinse. All good.

2016-05-14 10.47.37

I need a poo!

We decide to take a break from building sandcastles and have a picnic lunch. Little man isn’t too fussed by this and decides he wants to go check out the flowers (some distance from where we were sitting and a typical “I’m off for a poo” manoeuvre). Hubby and I are both “do you need a poo?” “No, I not need a poo mummy.” Of course he does need a poo. And not once, but twice. So there I am, getting him to do downwards dog so I can wipe his bum, in full view of most of Clevedon!

So lessons learned, this is what I’ll pack next time!

A few things I will do differently and remember to PACK for our next trip out include!

what to pack potty training toddler child tips best age

  • Pack carrier bags or nappy bags to pop pooey pants in – although it was rather funny when a random dad thought our pram was HIS pram and started rummaging through pooey pants :/ !
  • Remember to bring the roll of loo roll out of the car. Pocket packs of tissues are not enough when you have a pooplosion on your hands and you need to scrape poo out of a potty.
  • Pack a first aid kit. Not for potty training, but for falls and scrapped knees. We had a meltdown because we managed to trip and fall into the only gravelly, sharp-stoned hole in the whole of Clevedon. Cue grazed knee and grazed hand. We needed plasters!

Feel like it’s more “poo patrol” than Paw Patrol these days?! Don’t be shy, sing along with us 😉

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